Helpful tips for Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the first phone that runs Windows Phone 8 operating system. Maybe you are very like it and wonder what it can do. The fact is that the Nokia Lumia 920 can do many amazing stuff. Nokia Lumia 920 is a great choice for Smartphone users and it positive reviews since it is released in November. Here are some useful tips the user should know.

Tips 1 :Apply voice commands on the Nokia Lumia 920

Long pressing the Windows button will permit you to talk with your Lumia 920 by voice, offered you’ve turned the feature on. When you have not just tap Settings,select Speech and tick the .Allow Speech Recognition Service box. Your gadget could even read your own messages to you if you’re employing a Bluetooth headset, due to the Microsoft TellMe service, therefore if you’re out working you can still get up on your messages!

Tips 2: Take a screenshot

Windows Phone 8 eventually features the ability to capture screenshots, which you do by clicking the power button and begin key as well. To find your own screenshot tap Photos and you’ll notice a Screenshot folder.

Tips 3:Manage your data connection

4G is a need to have on any kind of top-of-the-line smartphone and certainly, it’s existing on the Lumia 920, but utilizing the connection all the time can have a savage effect on your battery life. When you watch your own connections and change to 3G when you don’t require 4G you could save lots of energy, and 2G would save you much more.

Tips 4:Deleting email

One method to delete email is to tap the message, hold it down and choose delete. An option and quicker method is to tap to the left of the message and a number of tick boxes will show up. Choose the email you would like to delete and tap the delete key at the end. On the other hand to move it to another folder, tap to the right (as above) and now choose the icon at the end right and select the new location.

Tips 5:Music searches

Heard a track you really need to know the name of Windows Phone 8 has it’s very own Shazam-like service. Tap the Search button and after that the Musical note and it will search and find out the track.

Tips 6:Camera controls

To avoid the camera starting accidentally in your own bag visit Settings – Applications – Pictures + Camera. Tap the slider close to Prevent accidental camera start when phone is locked. Within this menu you could also determine whether to take pictures just by tapping the screen.