Nokia Lumia 900 – It really is great to share, with tethering

The Nokia Lumia 900 isn’t just stunning and simple to make use of, it is also Nokia’s first phone that employs AT&T’s very fast 4G LTE network, that is spreading like wildfire within america.

Internet sharing on Lumia 900 White

It’s really no joke that 4G LTE speeds are ridiculously fast! During my trials round the country on AT&T’s LTE network, I’m seeing speeds around 15-20 Mbps, that is just astonishing for any special broadband network. That’s roughly five to Ten times faster than you will see with vanilla 3G phones.

Once you have were built with a taste LTE it’s difficult to assume the way you ever got by without them, however the technology truly shines when you blend it with another brilliant feature from the Lumia 900; Internet sharing.

Also known as tethering, Internet sharing enables you to turn your cell phone in a mobile wireless hotspot that you are able to connect all of your other gear like a laptop, a tablet or whatever gadget you need online. Exclusive the Nokia Lumia 900 at this time, Nokia intends to add Internet sharing with other Lumia devices like the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 soon.


Internet sharing by itself is certainly not new however with 3G you rarely have an online experience that even remotely resembles what you are accustomed to at home. Using the 4G LTE network on AT&T, I do not even make use of hotspots at coffee houses or hotels anymore, since the connection speeds I achieve on my small Lumia 900 surpass the fastest connection a ?┬░free Wi-Fi?┬▒ connection can provide.

Another interesting facet to utilizing Internet sharing on my small Lumia 900 may be the response to people who I share the bond with. Maybe it’s a friend I are actually with or perhaps a work colleague that must access the web to obtain her work done, they’re always surprised about the bond speeds they achieve while tethered to my phone.

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