The Nokia Lumia900 will be arrived in Finland and Norway in May 2

Although Finland is a stronghold of Nokia, but Nokia did not take the lead in Finland on sale new flagship Lumia900, but first went on sale in the United States. Nokia announced today, May 2, Lumia900 and 610 will visit Finland and Norway. At the same time is now open to pre-order.

The lumia 900, and Lumia 610 will have black, green and blue, white, three colors, magenta may be delayed to occur.

The following figure shows the form of Norway’s largest retailer Elkjøp of NokiaLumia900 the sale price and other details:

From the graph can be learned the Lumia900 futures prices in Norway for NOK 4119,about 4600 yuan.

Finland on sale day will be by the Finnish local television station broadcast live.

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