Samsung released the poster for Galaxy S III – implied the launch time and appearance

Samsung this year’s new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III rumors wave after wave, it seems that before the May 3 London conference formally convened, Samsungdoes not want people to stop fanatical attention. This time, Samsung Danish branch onits official Facebook account, posted the temptation posters.

According to Samsung Danish official page, posted posters blue veil of the background, the main theme, with white Arabic numerals above the words “the +12.05.03-20.00″ reveal the specific date of the Galaxy S III conference and time (Danishtime). More importantly, about the shape of the contours of the right side of the postersfaint fuzzy leaked Galaxy S III.

Before we had seen the machine is only used to test the prototype spy photos of theGalaxy S III wearing a vest and demo video, the majority of the media, said the leak,rather than the final design. The publicity photos are not the same appearance of theprofile seems to confirm this, and from the picture, it seems that we can determine theGalaxy S III similar to the Galaxy Nexus curved body design.

In addition, Samsung promotional photos on the digital multi-symbol “+”, it is unclearwhether the implied Fortunately, there are more devices published in the conference, or the symbol ”+” This represents Figure unreleased equipment rather than the Galaxy S III.In short, rumors of the Galaxy S III and speculation has not officially released beforeeverything is still unable to determine.

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