Samsung GALAXY S3 Red Version Available For Booking on Sunday

It rumored that the Samsung Galaxy III  will have red version in U.S.  AT & T exclusive new color version and now the rumors come  true.  AT & T has officially announced for Samsung Galaxy III add the latest red version. It will start on July 15 for booking, and then officially launch on July 29.


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Kogan launch 10 inch screen Android 4.0 tablet

Kogan  has introduced its new public class Tablet PC, a comprehensive listing in the June 25, the 8GB/16GB priced at $ 180 / $ 200, the Agora, with 10-inch 1024×768 pixel capacitive screen, powered by Andrews 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, 1.2GHz at the ARM Cortex-A8 processor, running memory, 1GB built-in before the 30W, 200W pixel dual cameras, connectivity support for Wi-Fi, microSD card, USB 2.0 and HDMI, etc., built-in lithium battery can 8 hours of continuous work time.

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Samsung GALAXY SIII white version on sale in advance

As one of the hottest smart phones, the Samsung GALAXY S III is undoubtedly a lot of people look forward to get it. The flagship phone was planned to sale on  29th of this month, but the latest reports shows that the Samsung GALAXY S III will be sold in advance in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. The price for  the phones price is only $ 666.

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Samsung Galaxy S II installed Android 4.0

If you recently plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II, then I got a good news for you. All the latest shipping Galaxy S II have installed Android  4.0 ICS operating system. The news has been confirmed by the Indian market, I believe that other countries will soon have pre-installed  Android  4.0.

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Samsung Galaxy S III unboxing video

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the company’s latest Android flagship and it includes a quad-core processor, a 4.8″ 720p screen and an 8MP camera packed in a 8.6mm body. Though we still have 2 weeks to wait for Samxung Galaxy S III (See specs here), today a video from YouTube  that first captured a unboxing video, and it is has not seen the retail version.

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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Android 5.0 “Jelly bean” is expected to release in December

Google  plans to work with major manufacturers to launch the latest Android 5.0 “Jelly bean” operating system  before the end of November. Also,  development of a series of new flagship Nexus  and tablet PCs. Google used to produced Galaxy Nexus flagship product with only one manufacturer such as Samsung , now Google will  corporate with five manufacturers to develop a series of Nexus equipment.

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