Samsung Galaxy S III officially released you can buy in the end of May

Samsung officially released  the third generation of GALAXY S  smart phone series – Samsung GALAXY S III on the 4th 2:00am in London. This new handset compared to the previous two generations  in the shape is more rounded. The new S the Voice speech recognition system and S Beam sharing features have added  in the  GALAXY SIII


Samsung GALAXY S III is equipped with a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel rear camera and front camera 1.9 million pixels to provide users with a variety of intelligent camera features face recognition option, ensure that users can easily and fast to capture the moments. In addition the aircraft is equipped with a Androi 4.0.

Interactive experience S the Voice speech recognition
GALAXY SIII greatly enhance the interactive experience. Its innovative Smart stay functional, it can determine the user how to use the mobile phone – for example, read e-books or browsing the web, through the front camera eye recognition technology to automatically maintain the brightness of the screen, allowing users to be able to enjoycontinuous viewing pleasure.

GALAXY, S-III also supports S the Voice voice recognition capabilities, in addition to information retrieval, as well as basic human-computer interaction, S the Voice has a powerful device control and command functions. For example, when your cell phone alarm, but you want to take a nap and a little on your GALAXY SIII of Snooze (nap).Users can also use the S-the Voice play their favorite songs, adjust the volume, send text messages and e-mail, manage schedule or automatically turn on the camera and take pictures.
S-the Voice

In addition, the GALAXY, S III can also identify the action. When you send text messages to someone, but decided to call directly to the people, for example, you only need the phone to your ear, Direct call (direct call) function will automatically help you dial this number. With Smart alert (smart reminder) function, GALAXY, S III will ensure that you will not miss any SMS or missed call; your phone will vibrate you to view outstanding tasks.

Quick and easy sharing of experience S-Beam
Samsung GALAXY S III in the Android ™ Beam, ™ based on the expansion of new S-Beam, feature, which allows users to easily transfer files in Wi-Fi capability or telephone signal conditions. Two GALAXY, S III mobile phone with just a touch, can transfer 1GB movie files or music files transmitted within 2 seconds 10MB each other within three minutes. ”Buddy photo share (Friends photo sharing)” function allows users to directly to the camera or album photos can be easily synchronized to pass all my friends on the photo.
Buddy to share photo share (Friends Photo)

AllShare Cast
The AllShare Cast functionality, users can also be GALAXY, S-III of the TV, wireless connection, play the contents of the phone directly through the big screen. Regardless of the distance, “AllShare the Play” feature allows GALAXY S III can be used with tablet PCs, desktop and TV synchronize data sharing. The AllShare the Play function, there is a Group Cast function, support multiple users with the same wireless network friends for screen sharing; users can comment on the data with colleagues at the same time, modify, and see the real-time updates on your device.

AllShare Cast

In addition, GALAXY, S-III of using a range of features to enhance product performance, and enhance the user experience. Pop up the play allows the user to play the video at the same time, so as not to view E-mail or visit the website shut down and restart the video.GALAXY, S-III of that comes with zero-latency 8 million pixel camera allows you to capture moving objects without delay – see is shot. Can be up to 20 continuous shooting, Best photo function can help users to elect eight of the best photos.

Pop up the play

The Burst shot

Best Photo

In addition, Samsung GALAXY S III will support Near Field Communication (NFC), users can also use their mobile phones to make payments. Game circle (Game Hub) “to provide access to a variety of social games, in order to bring more fun gaming experience. The “film and television (Video Hub) for the user to bring high-definition TV shows and movies. In addition, Samsung music scene (Music Hub) can also provide users with private music streaming service. Game circle, show business and music industry will be the first to introduce in some countries and gradually extend to the world. “

Arrive Europe market by the end of May
Samsung GALAXY S III will be first launched in Europe by the end of May, and subsequently sold in other countries. First listed GALAXY, S III pebbles blue and white marble are two options. Subsequently, Samsung will launch the products of a variety of other colors.



  • Enormous, gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p screen
  • Slick, lightweight design
  • Quad-core processor
  • Powerful Android operating system


  • TouchWiz interface has been occasionally confusing in the past
  • Likely to be very expensive

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