The Nokia Windows Phone 8 phones launched in September

According to technology experts, Elder Murtazin. He said Nokia will launch the Windows Phone in September this year. Elder  has been informed, have repeatedly disclosed to reliable sources. Nokia also will be held in early September the Nokia World conference, the election in that time launched a new mobile phone is also very likely.

Windows Phone mobile phone April sales increase of 16%

A new beginning in May, let us look back a few months before Windows Phone mobile phone market share in the growth. (The latest statistics from Hitlink published browser market share data.), We can clearly be seen from the chart, since January this year, the momentum of rapid growth, between March to April, Windowsphone market share surge from 0.42% to 0.49%, the monthly growth rate is as high as 16%. 

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Nokia Lumia 900 will launch in Saudi Arabia

You may heard  news recently about the next generation Windows Phone . We also has made it clear earlier article, to talk about everything is still too early, wait until June. However, the the Apollo is always interest , and this big news from Nokia Saudi Arabia, the official Twitter account.
Nokia???Lumia 900??10???Apollo

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Nokia didn’t repair network problems for white Lumia 900

Nokia is not sold on the market, white Lumia 900 for the repair of network problems. Last Friday, we knew that Nokia earlier shipments Lumia 900 firmware repair of a unifiednetwork problems. Today we received a packaging printed with a green dot (logo) has been fixed firmware white Lumia 900 and found that it still exists to a network failure.
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Microsoft released the official version of Skype for the WP can call the wired telephone

Commitment to the full version of this software will be released in April of this year in theMobile World Congress, held at the beginning of this year, Microsoft released the Skype software for Windows Phone operating system beta. Microsoft on Sunday (April 22) to honor its own commitments, released version 1.0 of Skype for Windows Phone “, so thatthe client software into the final release out of beta.
Skype for Windows Phone stock

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White Nokia Lumia 900 unbox

White Lumia 900 has not yet officially on sale, but foreign media WPcentral or try to get adevice, and the routine offer to get started out-of-the-box experience, together to meet this gorgeous Lumia phone:

Out of the box from the following video, we can see that the white version of Lumia 900packing and incidental things, and the other two color versions: Quick Start Guide, USBdata cable, flat cylindrical charger, cell phone headset.

According to the out-of-the-box description of the white Lumia 900 not only looks better than the other two color versions of the gorgeous, feel better, more smooth. Course, referring to the white, more people will care about is dirt and durability issues, WPcentralcommitment to users for testing, we will also continue to focus on.

Successful boot, we can see that the 900 4.3-inch piece of white Lumia ClearBlackAMOLED WVGA (800 × 480) screen display is also very good, clear bright colors.

According to the reports of the AT & T employees, since Lumia 900 was added to oursales are very good, many retail stores have been out of stock, waiting for the supply of supplementary.