Top 6 Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 might be the most feature-laden smartphone.Besides wow-worthy Smart Stay and Air Gestures features,the Galaxy S4 comes with helpful tools for increasing battery life,blocking unwanted notifications and calls.Having Android 4.2.2 and Samsung’s own extensions,the popular device could be customized in many different ways.However,not all the features are obvious.Here are some useful tips that will show you something new.Let’s take a look at it.

1 Adjust your Galaxy S4 ringtone

We’re not discussing selecting from the default list that Samsung already offers on its Galaxy S4 because let’s be true, many of them are simply terrible. Definitely not the kind of thing you would like to hear every time your phone rings or delivers you an alert about a new message. You may find pretty much any ringtone your own heart wishes with a easy Google search . Just download and set up to your gadget. When complete, you should discover it under Settings > My Device > Sound.

2 Prolong Your Power

Therefore you’ve got 10% battery left and the whole night before you. What now ?? It’s fairly easy to improve your Galaxy S4′s battery life, what you need to do is switch on Power Saving Mode. You may discover this choice in the Quick Settings notification pane.

The function enables you to turn on CPU power saving, screen power saving or turn off haptic feedback. For best results, try disabling the 3. If that doesn’t work, switch off your data connection.

3 Head to Easy Mode for a simple interface

If you are new to this whole smartphone thing, or you discover yourself attempting to go back to several basics, the Galaxy S4 has an Easy Mode. Merely head to Settings, My Device, Home Screen Mode and click Easy Mode. From there you’ll be restricted to just three home screens, big fonts and icons and basic applications. This can help you transition from using a more basic phone to a full-fledged smartphone. If you think you’ve finished the Easy Mode, you can certainly revert back to the regular settings at whenever and take advantage of all the features that the Galaxy S4 has to provide.

4 Interact with your telephone making use of your eyeballs

The Galaxy S4 is so smart it can track your vision to see precisely where you’re looking, and when. With Smart Stay enabled, the phone will instantly dim the screen if you are not looking at it. You may also scroll up and down Web pages just by tilting your head, and videos will pause whenever you turn your face away from the display. To allow all of these incredible features, simply pull on the notifications bar and tap the Quick Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen. You could also access them from Settings > My Device > Smart Screen.

5 Enable Multiple Window Mode

As a multi-tasking fiend like me, probabilities are you’re going to wish to enable multiple window mode on your own Galaxy S4. This function enables you to run two applications at the same time, like email and web browsing for instance.

To do this, just hold down the back button totrigger the multi-window menu, which shows up on the left hand side of the screen. Slide it out, choose which applications you wish to run simultaneously and enjoy!

6 Use Air View

Air View is one of the nifty gimmicks that could have practical applications on your day to day life. If you allow it in Settings or the toggle by the drop-down notification panel, you can hover your finger over emails, messages, galleries, videos and even the pre-loaded Flipboard app to broaden items and notice what’s inside. The nice aspect of Air View is that it enables you to save just a bit of time by previewing content before getting into it, therefore you’ll know if some things need immediate attention or if you could simply pass on it. It’s a little tricky to keep the finger hovering above the screen — I discover it takes more effort to achieve that than to simply tap on screen — but when you get used to it it’s not a problem. I tried performing this with gloves on and it fails, and it also doesn’t work if you’re more than about a centimeter away from the display screen.