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55-inch Apple TV is about $ 2,000 – just a matter of time

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes that Apple’s full-featured TV products retail price will be between $ 1500-2000, the screen size of between 42-55 inches. This product accounted for 4-8% of Apple’s total revenue in 2013. Munster believe that Apple TV is just a matter of time. 


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Bing Maps now on Nokia

Today Nokia announced that their map data, especially real-time traffic information and address match the ability to provide support for the Microsoft  Bing Maps. In fact, thestrategic cooperation of Nokia ovi maps and Microsoft Bing Maps cooperation since the two companies when reached already begun, and now we see is the result of the collaboration.

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U.S. Copyright Office considered crack DVD encryption legalization

U.S. Copyright Office is considering whether to allow citizens and filmmakers lawful for cracking DVD encryption. Filmmakers and video synthesis producer petition to the U.S. Copyright Office to allow them to be able to use the DVD decryption tool to copy a DVD of video clips. The problem does not involve whether the reasonable use of copyrightmaterial, but whether for the production of film and video purposes the legitimate use ofcracking tools.

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ARM expected to occupy 20% of notebook market

ARM CEO expects the company’s processor computer in 2015 to 10-20% of the notebook computer market. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Warren East said, is expected to ARM in the PC market more competitive than rival Intel, Intel is now focused on the smart phone market.

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Apple iOS 5.1.1 battery life improved

From the iOS 5, there are users find the battery power is down quickly, Apple publicly acknowledged this problem is a result of the iOS 5 itself loopholes that resulting in power consumption and shorten the battery life.

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Microsoft’s Ballmer was named the worst CEO

Forbes writer Adam Harteng,  published an article a few days ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer  was the worst CEO, also believes that Ballmer should be  fired.

Ballmer is the worst CEO

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