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Android v BlackBerry smartphones

Vodacom’s newest statistics stated that BlackBerry is still the most widely used mobile platform in the nation, but Android is showing quite strong growth.Based on the newest statistics Vodacom has around 3 million active BlackBerry products on its network.This is considerably higher than the 800,000 Android products, 400,000 Apple products, on Vodacom’s network.

Nevertheless, Android is displaying particularly strong growth. The amount of Android devices doubled during the last twelve months, and many people predict even faster growth in future.

As well as the choice of applications, surfing the net is often simpler on an Android product than a BlackBerry, and there is often much less lag time when using instant messaging applications like Skype on Android.

But it’s hard to leave behind what is acquainted. BlackBerry is still regarded as the business staple, and the Balance application on the new BB10 operating-system allows a partition to be created between work and private applications and data. BB10 provides tools for delivering work applications to cellular devices, solving a lot of of the issues from the BYOD trend.

Right now, Android does not have the same to Balance but, if handled properly, the OS can be partitioned using third party software therefore that work and consumer applications and information stay separate.

Additionally, enterprise users will quickly manage to partition Android in the same way as BB10 using Knox application, which Samsung introduced at Mobile World Congress in February. The company is seeking to take on BlackBerry and bolster the adoption of its Android products in business by offering a more secure version of the OS, which separates business and personal info on smartphones.
The Knox software operates a security enhanced version of Android, which has been produced by the National Security Agency (NSA), and users get enterprise-focused tools like email, browser, contacts, calendars, file sharing, collaboration, CRM and business intelligence applications.

Regardless of whether a business decides to use Android, BlackBerry or Apple’s iOS, the security measures are very important. “When you have confidential business data you need to make sure it is secured,” says Emm.

A well planned strategy is required, involving measures like remote wiping if a phone is lost or stolen, and a code of practice for workers that features rules on multiple use.

With tightening budgets, BYOD and a business requirement of advanced capabilities, there’s every chance that many SMBs will look to Android as a mobile OS, particularly with the signs from Knox that more secure application is on the way. BlackBerry could find it difficult to maintain its lead in the enterprise.
Doku says: “As the Android market is constantly on the expand and iOS bleeds into the corporate space from consumer popularity, BlackBerry could have a tough task on its hands remaining relevant in the SMB space.”
Then a security strategy in place, Android can offer benefits to many SMBs.

Android 4.1 vs Windows Phone 8


As you glance at the smartphone market currently compared to simply several years ago, you would be amazed at exactly how various it is. Current smartphones are gradually having more functions of Computers than phones and none way more than the current launch of Windows Phone 8.

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Android 4.1 will run more smoothly compare to last version

The official opening of the Google I/O 2012 – Google Developers, Google officially announced to launch Android 4.1 operating system, code-named “jelly beans” (Jelly Bean). According to Google, Android 4.1 effects animation frame rate increased to 60fps, but also will be optimized for best performance and low touch latency, providing a smooth, intuitive user interface. From the official demo video, Android 4.1 smooth degree is indeed higher than the Android 4.0 a chip.

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Apple’s new 3D patent: more secure facial recognition identification system

Apple applied for a patent for a new facial recognition technology. This technology can create more secure face recognition system, and this is just the beginning, iOS or Mac devices in the future will be using this technique.

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Apple iOS6 will abandon Google Map

Apple after the acquisition of a number of map makers in a series of now there are rumors that Apple will launch iOS6 that no Google Maps.  It will built-in Apple’s own map service. Apple had previously acquired a number ofmap makers, including Poly9, C3 Tech and Placebase plans to develop their own mapservices to replace Google Maps. Apple before in iOS5 released, before and Googlebuilt-in Google Maps to reach an agreement. Now, outsiders speculated that Apple and Google, the agreement is about to expire.

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Hot app iOS face recognition app – FaceVault

Recently launched a face recognition application FaceVault iOS store. Similar to Ice Cream Sandwich Facial Unlock (facial unlock) function, which is the key point at Apple on its lock key screensaver, user does not slide to unlock.


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