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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumours

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a big success and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to release by the end of 2013. Rumours about the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 indicate that it will even bigger. Samsung executive J.K. Shin has confirmed the Galaxy Note 3 will come with 5.9-inch OLED display.As the times goes by,rumors about this “phablet” go on to pop-up at an accelerated rate.

Are you a Galaxy Note fan? Are you thinking about becoming a Note 3 owner? If that’s the case, you might want to know something about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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Samsung applied for three trademarks: Galaxy Rush, the Galaxy Amp and the Galaxy Helm

Not long ago, South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has  registered six Galaxy series of trade marks, but recently Samsung crazy applications for registration of a number of trademark.  Samsung has been submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) three new trademark applications, respectively, for the Galaxy the Rush, the Galaxy Amp and the Galaxy Helm.

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Nokia has confirmed that the purple screen problem

Nokia has responded to this question on Twitter, said the company has confirmed this issue, and will solve it through a software upgrade. The end of April, the white version Nokia Lumia 900 has been blasting purple in low light (ie, mobile phone display when the screen brightness set to ”low” purplish).

Warner Bros. selling HD 1080p video in iTunes

Warner Bros. announced today that sales of 1080p video on iTunes, the first movie will include 300 classic of contents, Batman Begins, The Clash of the Titans, HappyFeet, Speed Racer and The Dark Knight, etc., the price is $15. Before Apple media applications store sales of the film clarity of 720p, but after the listing of the new Apple TV product, the hardware support upgrade to 1080p, which also gave birth to the market demand for full HD media content.

Amazon to pay tax from July to the Texas Government

Amazon and on the financial department in Texas reached an agreement , from July 1 Amazon will pay tax. Under the agreement, Amazon will be in Texas territory to establish factories and create 2500 jobs. Before the Texas Government has tried before the payment of duties to the Amazon $ 269 million in unpaid sales tax, after which the two sides reach an agreement. Under the agreement, Amazon agreed to startpaying sales tax, and will in the next four years to establish a distribution center in Texas.
the United States ??

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Nokia lost to Samsung are five major reasons

The latest report released Wednesday by market research firm IHS iSuppli and Strategy Analytics, Samsung mobile phone sales than Nokia end to the dominance of Nokia as the world’s top mobile phone maker for 14 years. Friday morning failed to bring to the mobile phone leader what Good News: Standard & Poor’s (Standard & Poor’s) to Nokia’s credit rating cut to “junk” level.

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