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How to convert iMesh Music to Android phone

As we know, iMesh is a software tool that helps people to share songs. However, some music files that are DRM protected are only available for download if you buy a subscription. So, how to free those music files in order to play music files on Android phone? This article will show you the effective way to convert iMesh music to Android phone. Just finishing reading the steps below and you will work out this problem successfully.

iMesh Music to Android

Before we start the steps, you should figure out why you can't just play the iMesh music directly on the android phone. The music from the iMesh was limited by the DRM protection. So we should get rid of the DRM protection first. In order to do this task, we should get the professional software for help – Aimersoft DRM Converter, just download and install it on your computer.

Download Download DRM Converter here


If you are a Mac user, you can use AllMyMusic for Mac.


Here we begin the steps

Step 1: import the iMesh music files
Start the software and click the "Add" button to load the music files. If you are not sure whether the music files you load is right or not, you can click the "triangle" button on the right of the main interface to preview it.

Step 2: output configuration
Select the .mp3 format as the output format from the "Common audio" option through the "audio files to" drop down list. Click the "setting" button, it will show you a dialog box, there are numerous options in the dialog box, you can adjust the effect of the music from these options as you prefer. If you are satisfied with default configuration of the music, just click the "default" button on the lower right corner of the dialog box and click the "ok" button on the right.

Step 3: start to convert the iMesh music
Click the "start" button on the main interface to start to convert the iMesh music to Android Phone compatible file format. The time length of the DRM conversion depends on the size of the music files and the performance of your computer. If you are really busy this moment, you can select the "shutdown pc when finished" option. So you can do the following work when you are free.

When the conversion is completed, you can now transfer the converted music files to your Android phone directly.If you don't have a clue about how to transfer the music to your phone, please refer to the details below:

1) Connect your phone to the pc with the USB cable, and then the pc will install the driver for your phone automatically.
2) Follow the steps in the bracket (Settings -> Application settings -> Development -> USB debugging)
3) Select the "mass storage" option and your phone will appear on the pc as a removable disc. Create a file folder called "Music" and then copy the converted files to the folder.


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