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How to get rid of iTunes DRM

If you are looking for an iTunes DRM removal tool, you can try this guide to remove DRM protection from iTunes music and videos.

iTunes DRM removal

You can buy music and videos from iTunes Store with reasonable price, but you will not be able to play them if your music player is not a product of Apple. It may seem unfair to everyone who has bought iTunes from their sites and are facing with difficulties to play them. Apple Inc. usually encodes their music files so that those without an Apple product cannot use them. They do so by using DRM (Digital rights Management).

When you pay for iTunes and keep them on your computer, they are still guarded by the encryption of DRM. You can only use them if you own a product of Apple such as iPod, iPhone, and so on. On the other hand, you can use software for iTunes DRM removal that will help you remove or convert the iTunes DRM. After the conversion is finished, you can enjoy the music by using any player you wish. During the process of conversion, you can select the file format which you intend to use. The best output for audio is the MP3 file format. MP3 file format is the most suitable option for a user as it can be used on most of music players, portable or computer-based. Furthermore, you can burn MP3 music to a CD which will play on your car.

Remove DRM from iTunes for free

An advanced user can follow this approach to convert the iTunes DRM. Just open the iTunes and burn music files to a music CD (not a data CD). After that, import music back to iTunes.

1. Put a blank CD/DVD inside the drive and start iTunes on your PC or laptop. Choose the File->New Playlist option (or use Ctrl+N). Write a name for the new playlist.

2. The next thing is to choose songs you want to get rid of DRM from and drag these to the playlist which you just made.

3. Now that you've got all the songs you choose on the CD/DVD, right-click the playlist and choose the option to "Burn playlist to Disc".

4. iTunes will now pop up a dialogue window for you to choose the type of CD/DVD you want to burn. You need to choose the Audio CD option.

5. iTunes should now begin burning the songs to the CD and it will tell you knows when it's done.

Importing music from a CD/DVD

6. Now, choose the Edit->Preferences option and under the General tab, press on Import Settings.

7. Choose the MP3 Encoder from the drop down list and you're all set to import the song on the Audio CD you wrote as MP3 files.

Take away the CD from the drive, and put it back again. iTunes will prompt you to import the songs from the CD to its own database. Give it time to do so and at the end of the import process, you'll have new MP3 songs without DRM.

After that, all music files that have been imported into your iTunes library will be free from DRM; you will be able to copy them to MP3 players. However, if you have thousand of songs then you may try the easy way to remove iTunes DRM

Easy way to remove iTunes DRM

The beginner may use another software tool for removing iTunes DRM. All you need to do is download software that is capable of removing DRM.

Download Download DRM removal here


Note: If you are a Mac user, you can download AllMyMusic for Mac to remove iTunes music DRM, and download AllMyTube for Mac to remove iTunes Video DRM.

drm converter

Step 1: You need put the DRM files into the DRM removal software. To do that, click "Add..." to import file from your computer or simply drag and drop files into the program.

Step 2: You should choose to convert them into audio files as MP3 format from "Audio files to". For video DRM removal you should select MP4 as output format from "Video files to".

Step 3: Begin the conversion by pressing the "Start" key.

In this way, you have removed DRM protection with iTunes DRM removal you will be able to play your iTunes on any player now.

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