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How to sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have music or video that bought from iTunes Store, most of them are DRM protected, This guide will show you how to remove DRM from iTunes and sync iTunes to Galaxy Tab.

iTunes to Galaxy Tab

Undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the eminent tablets in the present day world. It is stylish, classic and full of features. You would not regret to shift to the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Apple, especially if you demand something new. But, if you want to play iTunes in the Samsung Galaxy tab, then you can't do it that simply. The main hindrance is the DRM (or what we say Digital Rights Management) protection. You need to overcome or remove this DRM protection if you really want to play iTunes media files on other non Apple products.

How to remove DRM from iTunes

Aimersoft DRM media Converter is one of those software which can be used in this regard. They use to remove DRM protection and convert the format of the iTunes and make it compatible for other devices or even consoles. You can sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Tab as easily as you are playing any other media file. We will now see that how we can actually use the software.

Download Download DRM Converter here

Tips: For Mac users, you can use AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.


Step 1: Download and install this DRM Converter software.

It will just take your few minutes. This software will easily run in your system, so don't worry about that.

DRM converter

Step 2: You can now upload iTunes to the software. You need to click on the "Add..." button placed at the top left hand corner. Select the iTunes of which you want to remove the DRM protection.

Step 3: Here you will select the output format for Galaxy Tab. Select the .MP4 from the "Video files to" or .MP3 from "Audio files to" menu. At the same time, you can also adjust the video resolution or bit rate of the iTunes from "Settings" option.

Step 4: Select the file place of the converted iTunes files. Click on the "Browse" button and select the folder where you want your iTunes to be in.

Step 5: This step is very simple. Just click on the "Start" button placed at the bottom right hand corner to start the conversion. When you finished convert iTunes to Galaxy Tab, click "Find Target" to view converted files.

Once you have finished these steps, then you shouldn't find any problem to sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy tab and enjoying the same. ( If you are new to Android OS, please read iTunes to Android sync guide)

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