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How to transfer iTunes to Galaxy S3

Many people got a new Samsung Galaxy S3 but have no idea on how to transfer their iTunes music or videos to the phone. This guide will show you how to transfer iTunes contents to Galaxy S3, including the protected media files that you bought from iTunes Store.



Part 1: Transfer common iTunes media files to Galaxy S3


For those who have songs in .MP3 or movies in .MP4 format which means those files are DRM-free. You could transfer them to your mobile with Wondershare MobileGo for Android easily. Following the instructions.


Download Download MobileGo for Android here, for Mac users, use MobileGo for Android (Mac).


MobileGo for Android

Step 1: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to computer

After install and launch the program, connect your devices via USB cables or WiFi. (For Mac users, you can connect your phone to computer with USB cable only)


Step 2: Start to transfer media files to Samsung Galaxy S3

Click on either "Music" or "Video" in the left catalogue, click "Add" button (Add File or Add Folder) to bring up your file browser window, from which you can select files to import from your computer. You can also create new playlist, add new folder, etc.


MobileGo for Android


Tip: If you only want to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy S3 you can only click "Toolkit">"Import iTunes Playlists", it's very simple. At last, the program will remind you whether or not you want to quick convert the file to an Android-optimized format. If yes, click "Yes".


MobileGo for Android



Part 2: Remove/convert protected iTunes files


You may find out that Galaxy S3 can't play iTunes video or music files that you purchased from iTunes Store such as .m4p, .m4a and .m4v, how come? Those files are protected by DRM, you can't play them with any media player other than Apple devices. Therefore we need to remove iTunes DRM and convert them to common file format like .mp3 and .mp4 before we transfer it to your phone.

Download Download DRM Converter here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and download AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.

Step 1: Load DRM protected iTunes media files

So you have downloaded and set up this DRM Converter on your personal laptop or computer, just launch it like most other computer software. Select all DRM protected iTunes files and drag-and-drop into the program.

DRM converter
Tips: in case you have files in .mov or other file formats that does not works with Galaxy S3 you may also load them to this DRM converter and convert to the file format that could be played on your handset.

Step 2: Output setting

If you want to play iTunes music or video on Samsung Galaxy S3, we have to set output file format that supported by this phone. Here is the specs of Galaxy S3 supported video and audio:

Supported Digital Audio Formats: AAC, WAV, OGG, MP3, MIDI

Supported Digital Video Formats: MPEG-4 (MP4)

To get rid of DRM from music files:
Click on "Audio Files to:" and select "Common audio > MP3" from drop-down list.

To get rid of DRM from video files:

Select "Common video > MP4 (AVC) " from "Video Files to" drop-down list. Click "Settings..." option and set video size as 480 x 800 pixels or smaller.

Step 3: Start DRM Converting

Now you could click on the big "Start" button to begin removing DRM . When the conversion is completed, you'll get DRM-free video and music file.

Tips: to quick open the folder that saved converted file you can click "Find Target" button. It'll open the output folder for you.

Now you have removed DRM protection from iTunes files, follow the part 1 transfer the converted files to your Galaxy S3.

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