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How to convert iTunes to HTC phone

In this tutorial, I will teach you ways to synchronize audio and video files from iTunes library with all the HTC phones.

iTunes drm to HTC phone

And you just get a huge iTunes library and now you have got a HTC phone like HTC Desire, HTC HD or HTC EVO. So how could you get them to come together to synchronize your own iTunes music and videos? Below guide shows you how to fast and simple create your laptop or computer to synchronize your HTC phone with music and videos from iTunes.

Important: For those who bought music or videos from iTunes Store, it might be include DRM protection. you cannot transfer the iTunes music and video to HTC phone directly with this guide until you have eliminated DRM protection and converted iTunes media files to HTC smart phone supported formats. Check how to remove DRM from iTunes here

How to transfer iTunes to HTC

There are several ways to transfer iTunes music and videos to HTC phone. The most famous one is DoubleTwist, (Mac users can get exactly the same results via installing software named iTuneMyWalkman.) here is how to use DoubleTwist:
1. Download and install DoubleTwist
2. Connect your HTC phone to computer with a mini USB cable
3. Choose "USB connected" after which "Mount" your current HTC phone
4. DoubleTwist will start automatically (when you use a Windows PC)
5. Create sync settings or just drag and drop iTunes media files to your HTC phone
6. DoubleTwist will automatically convert your videos so that they play on your HTC phone.

Another program call iTunes Agent is can also transfer iTunes file to HTC phone:

The 1nd part, connect your HTC phone to PC

HTC phone to PC

1. Download and install iTunes Agent
2. When installed, the program runs in the system tray and keeps track of iTunes
3. Connect the HTC phone to your laptop or computer's USB port and mount it (figure 1 above)
1. Press the USB icon that shows up in the menu bar on top of the screen, and pull it down to show the Android Notification Pane
2. Touch on USB Connected, and choose Mount
4. Make a folder on the root of mounted HTC phone named Music

The 2nd part, below, detailed tips the way to make a configuration for the HTC phone in iTunes Agent's Preferences (figure 2 for all steps below).

configuration for the HTC phone

1. Right-click on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray
2. Click on Preferences
3. Keep all defaults checked and then click the New button
4. Offer the phone a name (Desire in this case)
5. Keep Synchronize pattern: set to iTunes
6. Click on the "Choose" button and choose the Music folder you made on the Desire
7. Simply click the "Create" button and choose the Music folder you created on the Desire
8. Just click Save and then Close

The last part describes how you can add music to HTC phone (figure 3 for all steps below).

iTunes to HTC sync

1. Start iTunes and you should see a playlist folder called My Devices, beneath which you'll see the Desire
2. Just drag the music that you want to synchronize from the iTunes library to your Desire into this playlist
3. Lastly, right-click on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray and choose Synchronize devices

Music or video is now copied to your HTC Phone and can be played using a Music app such Android music player.

See also YouTube video guide for iTunes to HTC phone

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