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How to convert iTunes to PSP

This guide will show you how to convert iTunes to PSP compatible video and music files.

iTunes to PSP

Sony PSP is a superb video game player. And also, it's a excellent entertainment product which is often used for enjoying music and videos. If you've got songs and videos from the Apple iTunes and want to put them on your PSP. You copy and paste them in the PSP folder, or use doubleTwist (free application) to sync iTunes to PSP.

Here is a quick guide:
1. Download and install doubleTwist (free download)
2. Connect the USB cable to your Laptop or computer
3. The PSP will appear below "Devices" inside doubleTwist
4. Simply click the PSP icon
5. Click the Music tab to set up your sync personal preferences. Choose "Sync music with this device" if you need to sync music. It is possible to sync "All music" or you can choose particular iTunes playlist.
6. Press Sync on the bottom right and doubleTwist will automatically sync your iTunes music to PSP. doubleTwist remembers your settings which means you just need to try this one time (or anytime you choose to modify PSP sync preferences)

However, Sometimes the PSP won't know the iTunes video or music file at all. So what's wrong? Don't worry! This guide will help you out of the trouble.

The songs and videos that purchased from iTunes Store is under DRM protection.You can't play on other non Apple products without DRM codes. To be able to play iTunes files on your PSP, you should remove the DRM protected and convert iTunes file to mp3 and mp4 format.

In this article, I recommend using DRM Converter software. It will directly convert the iTunes M4P/M4V to MP3/MP4. each song' tag will be saved perfectly. Follow the step by step guide to learn how to convert iTunes DRM protected files to PSP.

Download Download DRM removal here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files.

Step 1: Load iTunes files

Click on "Add" button to import iTunes files. You can preview the imported video on the built-in media player.

DRM converter

Step 2: Choose the output format

Choose the output video format as .mp4 from "Video file to..." or audio formats as ".mp3" from "Audio file to ...". If you'd like to modify output setting, just click "Settings" button, you will see a pop-up window with output parameter such as video resolution, frame rate, bit rate.

Step 3: Begin to remove iTunes DRM

As soon as you done the output settings, returning to the main interface. Press "Start" button to begin DRM conversion (the processing time will depend on the file size). Once the DRM conversion is completed, just click "Find target" to open the folder and you will see the DRM-free iTunes files.

How to transfer iTunes to PSP

Soon after you got the converted files, you can now start to transfer files to PSP:

1. Connect your PSP to Laptop or computer using a USB cable.
2. Hit the "home" button on the PSP then use the left-right direction buttons to find "Settings", go to "USB Connection"
3. Press the "X" button and your PSP should display "USB Connection". Your computer will noticed that a new USB device has been connected
4. Now create a new folder on PSP's drive and name it "psp". create another folder called "music" inside the "psp" folder
5. Copy the converted files to the "music" folder.
6. Press the "O" button to leave the USB connect mode.
7. Enjoy iTunes media files on your PSP.

It's easy to remove iTunes DRM with this iTunes to PSP converter. With this tool, it's also possible to remove DRM protection from WMV and WMA files that you bought from other online music/video providers.

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