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How to transfer iTunes contents to Windows Phone 7

This guide will show you how to transfer iTunes to Windows Phone 7 so that you can enjoy iTunes music or video files on your Windows Phone 7.

iTunes to Windows Phone 7

If you have DRM-free iTunes files, check this video guide, it will show you a simple way to transfer file to your Windows phone.


However, many people download music or video from iTunes store. However, when you got music or video files from iTunes like M4P, M4V, those files will come with DRM encryption, (DRM stands for Digital Rights Management). This encryption makes the iTunes media files can only played with Apple product (iPod, iPhone and iPad). If you want to transfer your iTunes music or video to Windows Phone 7 you will not be playing it directly on your phone.

However, you can make it possible to play iTunes music or video on your phone, as you can transfer the iTunes to Windows Phone 7 with a third-party software program. You can actually use DRM Removal software to do that. You can download it and install it easily. After the installation, you could follow the following steps to transfer from iTunes to Windows Phone 7.

The detailed steps for converting DRM protected iTunes files

Download Download DRM Converter here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and download AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.

DRM converter

Step 1: Import iTunes media files

After running the installed software program on your computer, you need to hit the "Add..." button for uploading the protected files you have downloaded from iTunes. You can also add more than a single file at a time.

Step 2: Output settings

Once you have uploaded the music files, you will need to choose an output format which will compatible with your Windows Phone 7. You can select the output for audio file format from "Audio files to" option or video file format from "Video files to". After choosing the suitable format, you will also need to select the output folder from "Browse" button where you want to save the files after conversion.

There is "Settings" option that allows you to modify output parameters like video resolution, sample rate and encoder. If you are not sure what those parameters for, you can leave them as it is.

Step 3: Begin converting iTunes to Windows Phone 7

After the settings is done. Hit the "Start" button for converting iTunes files to Windows Phone. When the conversion is completed, you can now transfer the converted files to your Windows Phone (check the previous video guide) and play it without any restriction.

You can also try this software program to remove any protected music or video file and convert into the format that compatible with your portable player. Enjoy your iTunes media files freely.

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