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How to remove DRM from iTunes video

This guide will show you how to remove DRM from iTunes video so that you can enjoy iTunes on Zune, Sony Walkman or other portable players freely.

Remove DRM from iTunes video

Apple Inc. is a famous company which offers quality phone, computer, laptop, iPad, and so on to its customers worldwide. This company has also Apple Music Store in which favorite songs composed with the help of this service provider can be found. Among them, iTunes video is largely adored by the consumers. Regrettably, these iTunes video files do not support any other media players beside the products of Apple such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and so on. This is possible only by the use of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

People buy different types of videos ad TV shows from Apple’s Music Store. These files are encrypted with DRM, if you want to watch iTunes videos on other media players or upload to YouTube you need to remove DRM from iTunes video files with DRM converter software. Once the DRM protected is removed, these DRM free video files can be used for both portable media player or music player on your computer.

Two ways to remove DRM

We could do these in two possible ways. The first way or procedure to remove iTunes video DRM is free but lengthy. In comparison to this, the second one is effective for the conversion process.

The advanced users of personal computers are eligible for the first method. This process of removing DRM is totally free, but the output files are not as good as the original ones. Moreover, the user has to offer a lot of time for the process to remove DRM files.

Free way to remove DRM

You need to put a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc into his or her CD-ROM drive. Then, the iTunes songs are needed to burn so that an audio CD may be created with iTunes. Next, the CD must be taken out and re-inserted. Now, the songs on the CD must be imported as MP3 files with iTunes. If you has more than thousand songs, then you has to do it repeatedly.

Simple way to remove DRM

Otherwise, a beginner may use DRM Converter software to remove DRM from video and audio files. This software works well on Windows Vista 64bit, 32bit, and Windows 7 OS. The software is capable to remove DRM from iTunes video files such as M4p, M4v, and other protected file formats. As this software also works as a Video Converter, a user will get the converted files in mp4 video format.

How to use this program

First, the software must be downloaded and run it on the computer.Next, the iTunes files must be loaded into the software. After the files are loaded and the output format is selected, a user has to start the conversion process. The consumers can get files with original quality from the second process.

DRM converter

Now you have removed DRM from iTunes video, enjoy your iTunes video freely.


Note: If you are a Mac user, pleasedownload AllMyTube for Mac.

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