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How to remove WMA DRM protection

This guide is about showing you how to remove WMA DRM protection, free your WMA music files to use your own music whatever you want.

remove WMA DRM

At times, you may get your favorite music files in iPod, mobile phones, or in any other electronic products. These files are provided by the service providers along with particular products such as Nokia OVI, Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music. The service providers make the files encrypted in such a way that they can only be used by those specific products. This procedure of encrypting the files is called DRM (short for Digital Rights Management). However, some of these specific products may not be available to you and yet you want to hear or watch the music files. In order to do this, you have to remove DRM from these files and play with your own music or video player. For example, if you have a favorite Nokia music in your Nokia handset and want to use it on other mp3 players, you will have to follow certain ways to remove WMA DRM from Nokia music.

Nokia OVI, iTunes store and other music providers provide great quality music files for its customers. These files from music providers are protected with DRM. In most cases, these files are in a WMA format (Apple always make their own format) so that the user cannot use it on any other players or computer without license code. These files cannot be moved to other electronic devices or stored in a CD. Although Nokia has recently announced their decision of removing this restriction and making Nokia Music Store available for all the users; Indonesia, China, Brazil, India, and Turkey are being the examples of exception from this announcement.

In order to remove WMV DRM protection from music files, you can use a DRM Converter software program. This software can remove DRM without actually breaking the DRM coding. Thus, you will get a legal way to use the product. Moreover, the recent edition of this software can even convert the encrypted video, audio files into any kind of file format such as convering m4p to mp3, iTunes video to mp4.

How to use this DRM converter software

This program is easy to use. just download it and install it like other software.

Download Download DRM removal here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac to remove DRM from WMA files.

Step 1: You could directly drag and drop DRM protected WMA files to the program interface, or click "Add..." button to import files.

DRM converter

Step 2: You need to set the output settings and choose the audio format for the file. I recommend choose MP3 as output file format.

Step 3: Then, a single click on the "start" button to begin remove WMA DRM.

When the conversion is finished,you can play the music on any music player.

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