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Ruckus DRM Removal - Save Ruckus music to mp3 file

Ruckus music contains the DRM protection which will prevent user enjoying the purchased songs on other music player. If want to play your Ruckus music on other music players like iPod, Smartphone, tablet, you will need to remove DRM Ruckus. This guide is about how to get rid of DRM protection from Ruckus music with a Ruckus DRM Removal software program.

Ruckus DRM Removal

Ruckus is a totally free music download service provided by a number of colleges and universities. The music download service needs users to register by having an accepted .edu suffix e-mail address. Once registering, you are able to get their unique music player (Ruckus Player) and apply it to get music and videos from the Ruckus webpage. The concept is that by giving college students with a place to legally get music and videos totally free, piracy rates can be wained. A lot of college or university students use to use the Ruckus music player when suddenly they shut down, rendering all of my audio files useless since the majority of music were not renewed. You will find methods to remove the DRM protection for you to enjoy all of them just like common mp3 files, however, it looks you have to really be able to play the track first and then re-record it.

If you own Ruckus music this guide will use a DRM Removal software program which can remove the DRM limitations from Ruckus and convert protected wma directly into normal mp3, wma, aac audio file format.

You can get Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, which is powerful to removing DRM from M4P, M4V, M4B, WMA to plain MP3 and other common video or audio formats.

After removing Ruckus DRM, you can comfortably play your music together with your music player like iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune.

Step by step Guide for Ruckus DRM Removal

Download Download DRM Converter here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files.

DRM converter

Step 1: Import Ruckus music files

Start the DRM Removal Converter and click the top "Add..." button to upload DRM protected files.

Step 2: Output format setting

Click on the drop-down button from "Audio files to:" and choose an audio format you want. MP3 is recommended.

Step 3: Output settings

Just click the "Settings" button to set the detailed parameters for output music. If you don't understand what those parameters for you should keep it as the default settings.

Step 4: Start removing Ruckus DRM

Press the "Start" button in the Ruckus DRM Removal Software.

That' it! With few clicks you have removed DRM from Ruckus. This DRM Converter software also works with music and video files from iTunes and other music providers.

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