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How to convert AVI to DVD

This guide is about converting AVI to DVD so you can enjoy your AVI video on big TV screen with a home DVD player.


Normally, when you shoot a video with your camcorder, it is in the AVI format. In case, you wish to enjoy all the videos that you shot on your TV screen, then you can easily burn the clips on a DVD and the play it on your DVD player. For this, your only need is a DVD Creator that will help you to convert the AVI to DVD directly. Not only this, but it will also give you many editing options to edit your clips before burning. Apart from AVI, this tool can also burn many other video formats on a DVD. The formats include FLV, MKV, MP4, WMV, etc. No matter whether you use Windows or Mac, as you can get a compatible version for both.

just following on to the steps that are given in detail as below

Download Download AVI to DVD Converter here

DVD creator

Step 1. Importing AVI video clips

Just click the "Import" button and you can easily browse through the videos saved in your computer and then just select the video that you wish to add to the application. You can merge videos and photos, and can also systematize titleset, in the way you like. An easier way is to just drag and drop the files directly into the creator.

Step 2. Video editing

At times, you wish to make certain changes to the videos before burning. You can also do this with the DVD Creator. You can either trim or crop, or adjust the effects, etc with this tool. These options help you to personalize your videos in many different styles.

Step 3. Start burning AVI to DVD

After editing, you have to insert a blank DVD and then just hit the "Burn" button to burn the AVI to DVD disc. Once the video is converted and burned on to the disk, it will eject automatically.

Things to remember

AVI files consist of both video and audio data. Normally, you will be able to play these files with a few of the media players, but this calls for some certain type of codec. At times, a player declines to play a certain video files, then you will have to install that particular codec to play the video. You can also try a codec pack to get the compatible codec.

Once the burning process is over you can enjoy AVI movies with your family on your TV.

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