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How to convert Blu ray to Galaxy Tab

This guide will show you how to convert Blu ray to Galaxy Tab so that you can enjoy Blu ray movies on Samsung Galaxy.

Blu ray to Galaxy Tab

It is really unfortunate that we cannot play Blu ray videos with Samsung Galaxy tab (in its natural format). Many people have have shown concern about it and they seriously want to know a method which solves this problem instantly. Leawo Blu Ray ripper is among those software programs which can rip the Blu ray videos in the format supported by Samsung galaxy tab. You can download this cool software for free from the internet. We have listed the steps which will help you to rip your Blu ray movies.

Download Download Blu ray to Galaxy Tab converter here

Step 1: Loading of the Blu ray video files on the Leawo Blu Ray ripper

You can click on the "DVD" or "BD" files icon to load the respected videos. A dialog box will appear on your screen from which you can easily select the desired videos.

DVD ripper software

Step 2: Editing of the Blu ray videos

Many people look for a powerful video editing tool. This problem has also been solved by the Leawo Blu Ray ripper. You can click on the "Edit" icon and use its features to do the editing.

Step 3: Setting the output format of the video

You should select the Common video > MP4 from the "Profile" drop down menu. You should also check the "Video quality" and "audio quality" settings and set it as per your need. Go to "Setting" option and set video resolution as 1024 x 600 pixels. In the "Output" box, you must set the location where you want the converted Blu ray videos saved. It will be better to create a separate folder and save them.

Tips: You can also check out the "Tools" menu in order to make the video more attractive. In case, you find any kind of difficulty in understanding the tools, you can always refer to the Help. You can also contact the customer support to get your query resolved. The Leawo Blu Ray ripper creat such a manner so that common people should find it useful. So, go for it and enjoy.

Step 4: Starting the Blu ray to Galaxy Tab ripping

After you have applied the settings, you can click on the "Start" button to begin converting Blu ray to Galaxy Tab. Your video will get ripped for Samsung Galaxy tab.

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