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How to convert Blu ray to Kindle Fire

Many people posted question on forum and ask that how to put Blu Ray to Kindle Fire? Well, you need to convert Blu ray movie to video file so that Kindle Fire can play it. This guide will show you how to convert Blu Ray for Amazon tablet step by step.

Blu ray to Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire can only play .MP4 video file, so we need to convert Blu ray movie into a single MP4 and crop the video size 1024 x 600 pixel and then transfer it to Kindle.

Detailed steps of converting Blu Ray movie

All we need is a Blu-ray ripping software tool, Download here

Download Download Blu ray to Kindle Fire converter here

DVD ripper software

Step 1: Import Blu Ray movies

Start the Blu-ray converter on your computer, and load Blu ray movie into this software by clicking "Load Blu ray" button.

Step 2: Choose an output video format

Choose from "Profile > Common video > MPEG-4(*.mp4)". In the "Settings" option, set parameters as following:
Vide Codec: h.264
Video Size: 1024 x 600 pixel
Frame Rate: 30
Audio Codec: AAC

In the "Output" field, you can select an output folder for saving the converted video.

Video editing (Option)
1. To merge all movie chapters into one single video file, you need to check "Merge into one file" box (near the Start button).

2. To convert Blu-ray movies with your wanted subtitle and audio track/language, you can select any subtitle or soundtrack from your source BD files with the options "Subtitle" and "Audio".

3. To get rid of the black bar of Blu-ray movie, you just need to click the "Edit" icon after which choose "Crop" functions to get it.

Step 3: Start convert Blu ray to Kindle Fire

Click on "Start" button to start Blu-ray conversion for Kindle Fire. Usually, a 2 hours Blu ray movie will need an hour or two. You could take a cup of coffee wait until the conversion is finished.

Step 4: Transfer converted video file to Kindle Fire

After the conversion is done, copy and paste the converted video files into Kindle Fire with a min-USB cable. Once you have transferred the video files to your Kindle Fire, you could enjoy them on the go.

That's all! With few clicks you have converted Blu-ray to Kindle Fire. This program can convert DVD movies as well.

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