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How to convert DVD to M4V for iTunes

If you got a plenty of DVDs and want to enjoy them on the Apple device such as iPad, iPhone and iPod, you are in the right place. This article will introduce you the simplest way to convert DVD to M4V for iTunes.

convert to DVD to M4V for iTunes

To watch the videos on the Apple devices you should convert the DVD files to M4V format first, so we need a professional DVD converting tool to do this job. Here we recommend Leawo DVD ripper.

Just download the software and install it on your pc then follow the step by step guide as below

Download Download DVD Ripper here

Note: If you are a Mac user, Download DVD Ripper for Mac here

DVD ripper software

Step 1: load the files

Put the DVD to the DVD-ROM then the computer will detect it automatically, start the software and click the "Load DVD" button to load the DVD files.

Step 2: edit the video (Optional)

Click the "edit" button, it will show you three options on the lower of the user interface. Through these options, you can configure the video with your own style. For example, you can crop the black edge to watch the video in a full screen sight. If you are not satisfied with the default effect, just adjust the "brightness", "contrast" and "saturation" options. Through the "watermark" button, you can add the icon and type the word as your personal logo on the video. The last option "trim" is for you to configure the start/end time of the video, it will save you much unnecessary time.

Step 3: output setting

Choose the model of your device through the "profile" button drop down list. Click the "setting" button, it will show you a dialog box, select the right resolution from the "resolution" drop down list, and then click the "ok" button to save the change. The "browse" option is for you to pick a place to save the converted files.
Tips: Most of the DVD video files consist of several charters, you can select the "merge into one files" button to merge these subfolders into one file.

Step 4: start the DVD to M4V conversion

Press the "start" button to begin the DVD to M4V for iTunes conversion, this process will take time, just be patient with it. After the conversion is done, find the files through the "find target" button.

When you done the above all, the only thing you should do is transfer the file to iTunes and then sync to your Apple device.


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