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How to convert DVD to MKV

This guide is going to show you how to convert DVD to MKV, backup your DVD to MKV videos with few clicks. It's easy for you to watch with computer or portable devices. (Go to here if you want to convert DVD to AVI )

convert DVD to MKV

We will use a DVD ripper software program, is one of the best quality DVD ripping software. It has become popular for its easy usage features and high quality performance. The DVD Ripper enables the user to convert the video into many audio video player software formats that are suitable to use in different portable devices like, the smart phones. With this DVD ripper, you can convert your videos to MKV formats.

The MKV or the Matroska Multimedia container is a file format, which is an open source container. This open source container is free to get and it can hold unlimited amount of audio, video, picture or other media tracks in a single file. The file can store common multimedia items, like the TV shows and the Movies and it works like a universal format. This is an alternative DVD to MP4 or AVI.

DVD to MKV conversion is an easy task, as the software allows us to convert the DVD to all popular video formats.

To convert DVD to MKV format, the steps are explained below:

DVD ripper software

Step 1: First download the DVD ripper. Then install the software and run it.

Download Download DVD to MKV converter here

Note: If you are a Mac user, Download DVD Ripper for Mac here

Step 2: Import the DVD that you want to rip. Now, press the " Load DVD" button and if the DVD is already saved on your hard disk, then, you can load it directly from the hard disk.

Step3: Select the MKV from the "Profile" list as the output video format.

Step 4: The DVD ripper software will allow you to choose the quality of the DVD. To set the output quality, press the "Settings" button. Here, you can see the output parameters like, frame rate, audio and video channels, video resolution. Check the screen shot below. You can set default, if you cannot choose to customize theses parameters.

Output settings 

Step 5: After the settings, press the "Start" button and the DVD conversion will start. This DVD ripper will quickly convert DVD to MKV. You will get great quality output. So, enjoy your MKV video on computer, or other portable device that allows using the MKV files.

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