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How to rip DVD to Windows phone 8

Windows phone 8 is really a great mobile OS at moment. If you have it, you might want to have some videos to play with phone. Instead of buying video files from online media store such as Zune Market, you could convert your own DVD movies to your phone. Plus, enjoy DVDs on your windows phone 8 is more convenient than on the computer.

DVD to Windows phone 8

However, the phone doesn't have a place for the DVD disc, so we should convert the DVDs to Windows phone first. Maybe you don't have a clue how to do that. Here is the article that will show you how to convert DVD to Windows phone 8 Step-by-step.

Before we start the tutorial, we should do something for preparation; download the professional software which can convert the DVD to windows phone 8 compatible file formats.

Download Download DVD to Windows Movie Maker converter here

Note: For Mac users, please Download DVD Ripper for Mac.

Step 1: load the files
Insert your DVD to the DVD-ROM, click the "load DVD" button to load the DVD files after your pc detected the DVD.

DVD ripper software

Step 2: edit the DVD (optional)
Click the "edit" button, there will be three options for you to configure your own movies. First is the "crop" button, you can choose the "full screen" option from the "zoom" drop down list to remove the black edge. The second option "effect" is for you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation. The last is the "watermark" option, you can add your favorite icon or word on the video files. I think the "trim" option is very useful for you, because you can set the start/end time of the video.

Step 3: output setting
Select the "common video" option from the "profile" drop down list and choose the mp4 as the output format. Click the "setting" button to select the resolution which available for your phone. If the DVD is audio files, just choose the mp3 from the "common audio" through the "profile" drop down list. The "browse" option is for you to choose a place to save the video files. Generally, the DVD files may consist of many parts, just select the "merge into one" option to merge all the parts into one file.

Step 4: start the DVD conversion
Click the "start" button to start convert DVD to Windows phone 8, this may take you sokme time, just be patient with this. After this process is done, click the "Find target" button to locate the converted files.

When you have finished all the above, the next you should is transfer the files to your phone and then you can enjoy the video files directly on your phone. Hope this article is useful for you, and just have fun with your phone.


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