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How to convert DVD to WMA or MP3

This guide will show you how to convert DVD to WMA or mp3 audio format if you like the background music of DVD. WMA and mp3 are two most popular audio formats, here I will take converting DVD to WMA as an example to show you how to extract music from DVD.

onvert DVD to WMA or MP3

WMA or the window media audio is a Microsoft developed audio data compression filing technology. The name of the format can be referred to Microsoft’s audio file system or its audio codecs and This WMV is proprietary software, which is a division of the windows media frame work. The WMA consists of four different codecs. They are Main WMA codec, WMA pro, WMA lossless and the WMA voice. The WMA is considered as an alternative to MP3 or the real audio codecs.
WMA Pro is an advance codec that can support multi channel The WMA lossless is a codec that is used to compress audio files without any data loss. The WMA voice is used to record voice and compress the file by low bit rates.

The DVD ripper tool released by the Leawo, is one of the best quality DVD ripping software. It has become popular for its easy usage features and high quality performance. The Leawo DVD player enables the user to convert the audio tracks into many audio video player software formats that are suitable to use in different portable devices like, the Microsoft Zune. With this DVD ripper, you can convert your audio tracks in a DVD to WMA formats. DVD to WMA is converting is an easy task, as the software allows us to convert the DVD to WMA.

To convert the DVD to WMA player format, the steps are explained below:
Step 1: First download the DVD ripper. Then install the software and run it.

Download Download DVD to WMA MP3 converter here

Note: For Mac users, please Download DVD Ripper for Mac.

DVD ripper software

Step 2: Install the DVD that you want to rip in your DVD player. Now, press the "Load DVD", button and if the Tracks are already recorded into your hard disk, the, you can load it directly from the hard disk.

Step3: Select the WMA format from the profile list as the output if you want to play the video, in the smart phone or the Zune or any other player that is WMA supported.

Step 4: The DVD ripper software will allow you to choose the quality of the DVD, by customizing the factors of the video. To modify the quality, press the settings button. Here, you can see the video factors like, the bit speed, frame rate audio and video channels, sample etc, can be modified. Check the screen shot below. You can set default, if you don't understand theses parameters.

Step 5: After the settings, press the start button and the DVD conversion procedure will start. This DVD ripper will quickly convert the DVD in to WMA format. You will get fine quality output. So, enjoy your song in your Zune, or other portable device that allows using the WMA files and enjoy the advantages of WMA files.

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