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How to convert DVD to Xbox 360

With the present technological advancements, it is absolutely possible to view movies on an Xbox 360 machine that is configured with an Xbox Live tune-up, which enables you to download movies with an exception of DVD movies. This guide will show you how to convert DVD to Xbox 360 supported video files so that you can watch DVD movies on it.

DVD to Xbox 360

If you want to break the monotony of playing games by watching a favorite DVD movie on your Xbox 360, the process is practical as well but the procedure is different. For DVD movies, all we need is a DVD ripper software program. Its main task is to rip movies from the DVD format to other video file formats like WMV, 3PG, AVI and MP4.

A guideline to follow to enable DVD movies to play on your Xbox 360

Step 1: Download the DVD ripper software

The first step entails downloading the DVD ripper software and installing it into your computer.

Download Download DVD to Xbox 360 converter here

Note: For Mac users, please Download DVD Ripper for Mac.

DVD ripper software

Step 2: Import the DVD files

You can import the DVD files by selecting "Add" or "File" on your interface. The DVD ripper automatically searches and exhibits the files on display depending on the file selected among the IFO file or ISO file on the DVD folder.

Step 3: Select the format of the output

Choose the most ideal destination for your output from "Output". A drop down list from "Profile" will display on your interface providing you with the output formats. In this case, choose the "Xbox 360" for output video format with a *.wmv extension file.

In some instances you might want to add a personal touch to your DVD movies. This can be achieved by selecting the "Edit" option on your menu items and this enables you to generate your own copy of modified video owing to the powerful editing features provided by the DVD ripper.

Editing functions offered by the DVD converter used for customizing videos
• Crop- It allows you to scoop off just part of the video you are interested in
• Trim –Select just the particular parts of the video that you want to converted and transferred to your Xbox 360
• Effect –Responsible for adding special effects to your DVD movie like embossing, negative, old film and gray
• Watermark –Affixes watermarks of special pictures and text to your movie

Step 4: Commence convert DVD to Xbox 360

Begin the conversion process by clicking on the "Start" button. After a few minutes the process of conversion will be done executing, and the converted files will be on your output folder, click "Find Target" button to view it. Drag the converted video files to the Xbox 360 to play the DVD videos.

That's it, convert DVD to Xbox 360 is rather easy to done. You can use this DVD ripper software to convert DVD movies to other popular portable players such as iPod, Xoom, HTC Desire.

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