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How to burn Flip video to DVD

This guide will show you how to burn Flip video to DVD so that you can play it on your home DVD player or share it with your friends and family.

Recording HD video helps you to capture some beautiful moments of your life in high quality. This is why majority of people own a flip video camera these days. Most of the people who have this video camera want an easy method of converting and burning the video files to a DVD, so that they can easily manage their videos and watch it on TV screen with a home DVD player.

Flip video to DVD

The good news is that, there is a simple way to burn Flip videos to DVD. All you need is a DVD creator software program. Most of DVD authoring programs can only burn video to DVD as data. However, this tool will help you to burn any video like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV to DVD for playing on a common DVD player.

Download Download Flip video to DVD Converter here

DVD creator

Once you download this tool, you will just have to follow simple steps:

Step 1: Loading the files

Hit the "Source" button for adding the video files, or you can also drag and drop them straight from the hard drive to the user interface of the DVD creator. You can also import digital images. The viewing window of the application will offer you a good platform for viewing your photos and videos.

Step 2: Editing the files

Once you have added the files to this program, you can get ahead with editing them. This tool enables you to crop, split, merge, modify effects, add watermark, and even rotate and multiple trim. These functions will help you to fulfill most of your editing requirements. Apart from fundamental editing, this tool also allows to add background soundtrack/picture or transition effects to your videos.

You can also use video editor to do some advanced editing like splitting small videos or merging many clips into one file.

Step 3: Settings

When you have finished video editing, press "Burn to DVD" Button to make your own DVD menu. After that, click "Next" button you will see there are few options for output type like ISO file, DVD disc, and DVD Folder. Just select the DVD disk as the output option.

Step 4: Burning the Flip video a DVD

Finally, when all the work is complete you are ready to burn your edited video files to a DVD and then click "Start" button to burn Flip video DVD disc.

That's it, you can easily convert or burn your video files on a DVD. You can also follow the same procedures on Mac. So just, manage all your files easily with the DVD creator.

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