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How to burn M4V to DVD on Mac

If you use Mac OS, then you might posses a bundle of M4V video files in your computer. If you want to watch those on your big TV screen, you can burn M4V to a DVD and play it on your home DVD player. However, it is not straightforward to do that, you need to convert M4V video to MPEG-2 format first and then burn it DVD. In this I will show you a simple way to burn M4V to DVD on Mac with just 1 click.

MP4 to DVD Mac

There 2 way to burn video to DVD on Mac. The first solution is to use iDVD for burning M4V to DVD Mac. Apple offers this solution for the users, so it is pretty reliable. You might be aware that Fairy Play DRM generally protects the M4V files, so you can convert these videos only with native iDVD Mac application.

MP4 to DVD Mac

However, if you are looking for some other application, which can execute the conversion job easily and offer good service, then you should opt for DVD Creator for Mac. This application allows you to burn iTunes M4V videos to DVD on Mac with 1 click. You can make DVD menu with your own picture and music. The conversion process is very quick and the quality is best. The steps for converting the videos are as follows.

Download and install M4V to DVD Mac. Prepare to burn iTunes M4V video to DVD on Mac.

DVD Creator for Mac

Step 1: Importing the M4V files to the DVD Creator

You can either drag the M4V files or can click on the "+ADD" button for adding the video files. The facility of adding many videos and merging them is also available.

Step 2: Customizing the videos

You even get the option of editing the videos by trimming, changing effects or cropping it. The in-build static and dynamic resources of the DVD Creator enable you to make unique menus for your DVD. You can even grab free animated templates as well.

Step 3: Start the process of conversion from M4V to DVD

You will find the "Burn" button on the user interface, hitting the button to start the M4V to DVD conversion process. The size of the files will determine the time taken for the conversion. Once done, you can enjoy the videos and movies on your DVD player.

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