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How to burn Panasonic videos to DVD

This guide will show you how to burn Panasonic video to DVD. So that you can play it on any DVD player and watch on big TV screen. It's also good as backup purpose, you won't delete your video from DVD accidentally.

Panasonic video to DVD

Panasonic has been around from a pretty long time, to help you record your memorable moments in high quality videos. Whether it is a birthday, marriage, or any other occasion, you can save these memories with a Panasonic camcorder. However, the problem crops up when you have too many videos to handle. To get rid of this problem, you just need to transfer the videos from the camcorder and then burn them to a DVD. This will not only help you to keep the videos safe, but also make easy to carry and share. Now does that look difficult to you? If yes, then do not worry, as it might look hard but it is easy in fact.

The first thing you need to do is to transfer the videos from your Panasonic camcorder. For this you have done the following:
• Use the USB cable to connect your camera with the computer
• Then switch on the camera and open up the LCD display. You will find many options to manage the files.
• Go for "Backup to Computer" option and then click "OK"

Remember the folder in which you save the videos as you will have to upload these videos from the same location. The videos are typically stored in formats in line with the series of the camcorder. The formats include MTS, AVCHD, MPEG2, and DV format. However, the video format of your Panasonic camera is not a concern for you, if you have a DVD Creator software. This tool will always help you to make DVDs from the Panasonic videos or other download video that you store in your computer.

Here are steps for helping you to burn the videos on a DVD

Step 1: Downloading the tool

Download the DVD creator. Install it after downloading and then launch the program.

Download Download video to DVD Converter here

DVD creator

Step 2: Upload the clips

Use the "Import" button to add the videos you wish to burn DVD. It supports all popular video formats (including HD video formats).

Step 3: Video editing

Just choose the video you want to edit in the list and then click the "Edit" button for making the desirable changes. You can trim video length to remove unwanted part, rotate video for fun or add Watermark and special effects. It's easy to use, just do whatever you want.

Step 4: Customizing DVD Menu

Click the big "Burn" button, you can choose from the free menu templates and then apply it with double-click. You can also add background image/sound and text to the DVD Menu.

Step 5: Completing the process

Just Click the "Next" button to begin the process and choose the format and the TV standard. If everything is ok, click "Start" button to begin burning Panasonic video to DVD.

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