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How to transfer iTunes music and videos to Windows Media Player

When you have your songs on iTunes but one day you need to transfer from iTunes to Windows Media Player. How to do it quickly? You simply open Windows Media Player, press on the Library tab then Add to Library. Your files should be with your personal folder so click OK. That will add your music to Windows Media Player. The problem is that Windows Media Player will not work for music bought from iTunes music store. The songs you get on the iTunes Store are downloaded in a format called AAC, m4p with DRM protection. The Windows Media Player doesn't recognize this file format yet.

iTunes to Windows Media Player

Once you buy songs or video from iTunes Store, you really get DRM protected content, which you will not be able to play on your own media players and other non-Apple mobile players. You can not directly transfer the iTunes files to Windows Media Player either. This file copyright protection technology is called DRM. Usually, iTunes downloaded files come with the DRM protection in M4A/M4P/M4B/M4V formats etc, while windows media only supports WMA, MP3 WMV, AVI etc. formats. This is why we can't transfer downloaded video or songs files from iTunes to Windows Media Player directly.

In order to transfer iTunes to Windows Media Player we need remove DRM protection from those songs and convert to Windows Media Player supported media formats such as .mp3.

How to remove DRM from iTunes music

If you've got the older, protected music you will still need to burn those songs to CD and then import back them to iTunes as MP3 files that so that you can play in Windows Media Player, Its free! Or use some a 3rd-party software to get rid of the DRM protection.

This guide will explain to a simple way to convert iTunes to Windows Media Player with the 3rd-party DRM Converter. Free download DRM converter here and install it. The entire DRM conversion will take just three very simple steps.
Download Download iTunes DRM converter here

Tips: If you are a Mac user , you can use AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.

DRM Converter

Step 1. Launch DRM Converter, load you music files by hitting "Add..." button, You could add one file or a bunch of files. Or you can add files by drag-and-drop.

Step 2. Preview picked files on preview area simply clicking on Play button. You have a number of choices for output file formats from "Audio files to" "Video files to" . I would suggest you choose .MP3 for audio output, .MP4 for video output. After that choose the output folder.

Step 3. Finally, just click "Start" button. This DRM Converter will get rid of DRM from iTunes music effectively.

After you removed DRM protection from iTunes music you can now transfer iTunes to Windows Media Player freely

Hints: This DRM Converter can also be an efficient Video Converter, it can convert both common and protected video and music when you have any video files that is not compatible with your portable devices such as iPod, Xoom, Playbook, iPad 2.

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