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How to make DVD from AVI videos

Quite a lot of PC users want to make DVD from AVI videos so that they can enjoy avi videos with a home DVD player and a big TV screen. The easiest method to burn AVI to DVD is that use a DVD Creator software. It can convert avi to DVD with 1 click. You don't have to learn those knowledge about file formats. This program will do it for you automatically.

make DVD from AVI

How to burn AVI to DVD directly

Go through below step by step guide and learn how to use this DVD creator software.
As soon as the software is installed, start it from the desktop. Inset a blank DVD (DVD +R, DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW)) to the rewritable DVD-ROM on your pc. (Note: Be sure the DVD-ROM have writing and recording capabilities.)

Download Download AVI to DVD Converter

import videos

Step1: Add AVI videos

Just click the "Import" button to load your AVI videos from your PC or simply drag and drop to add videos. Once the videos are loaded, you will see the thumbnails of videos shown on the left side bar.

Step2: Creat DVD menu

Click "Menu Template" to personalize your DVD menu. You can get various designs of built-in DVD menu templates for free. Also frames and buttons that you can use for make DVD menu. In order to apply a DVD template, frame or button, you may double click it. You can even add text by typing it on the template. If you have music and graphic on your Laptop or computer you can upload it to make DVD menu.

Preview video

To check all things will go as you want, you should have a preview ahead of making DVD.

Step3: Convert AVI to DVD disc

Choose a TV Standard (PAL/NTSC) from "Setting" option and Aspect Ratio (4:3/16:9) at DVD setting bar. Press "Burn" button and choose a DVD drive (in case you have two or more DVD drive on Computer). Press "Start" to make DVD from AVI videos.

Tips: The volume of DVD use is shown on the bottom side. You can select DVD type of "D5" or "D9". If the video size exceed the DVD capability you can reduce it by setting output quality. E.g. select "high quality" instead of "Best performance".

With this DVD Creator, you can make DVD from AVI and DVD menu with 3 simple steps. This DVD creator can also make DVD from other popular video format including WMV, MOV, MKV, AVCHD, MP4 and more. It is completely compatible with Windows 7 OS (DVD Creator Mac version is also available). It's quite simple to work with. Give it try today!

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