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How to play WMV videos on Mac

This guide will show you how to play WMV videos on Mac. WMV is the most popular video format in Windows world. If you are a Mac user, you may want to play WMV video format, just read how-to guide as the below:

play WMV videos on Mac

Tips for playing WMV on Mac OX

With the guideline given in here, you can easily play WMV format on Mac, and can also learn the way of converting WMV format to MOV on Mac. The compatibility of WMV videos on Mac does not satisfy all the users. Therefore, if you are also not satisfied, then the guidelines can be helpful to you.

1. Use the VLC Player
If you use Mac OS, then VLC player can help you to play WMV files, as the quality is pretty good. VLC is open source software, and it offer support to many audio and video formats, along with Audio CDs, DVDs and VCDs and it even offer support to streaming protocols. The performance that this player offers for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, MorphOS, BeOS, Solaris etc, is also satisfying.

VLC Player

2. Use the Window Media Player 9
For Mac users Windows Media Player 9 is a suitable software, which can be utilized for playing both streamed and local WMV as well as WMA files. This will not cost you any money. This player is designed to fulfill the requirements of playing WMV format on Mac. The problem is that Microsoft has no plans to upgrade this player. If you are facing problems with this software, then you should resort to other ways.

Window Media Player 9 for mac

3. Flip4Mac
Flip4Mac is an alternative solution from Microsoft only. This is actually a QuickTime component, which you can use for playing WMS and WMV files straight in QuickTime Player.

4. Converting WMV to MOV

The above-mentioned solutions are for playing WMV on Mac. However, for managing WMV format on iTunes, you will have to convert it to MOV or MP4 file format so that you can transfer the videos to iPhone and can edit them in iMovie. For this, you will need conversion software like Leawo HD Video Converter. This software is designed for Mac users. It provides excellent performance and supports formats like MOV, MP4, 3GP.

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