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How to burn PowerPoint to DVD

Many people have asked me this question: How to burn PPT to DVD? I thought it more viable to share it with you all. Practically, it is not always possible to play PowerPoint presentations everywhere. Hence, one should know the exact procedure to burn the PowerPoint presentation to DVD format. I have here written a tutorial which will guide you through each procedure step by step.

PowerPoint to DVD

The first thing you will need is the PowerPoint DVD Burner software. This interactive software offers you some powerful and useful tools to do the task. It is a user-friendly software program with excellent support. You can easily use the software with few clicks. Check out the following steps:

Download and install the PowerPoint to DVD Burner software. Launch it on your PC

Download Download PPT to DVD converter here

PPT to DVD Converter

Step one: Import PowerPoint files

Click on the "Import" button (situated at the top left hand corner), to add PowerPoint presentation from your computer to the software.

Step two: Settings

Click on the "Option" button. Select "Create standard DVD", You will need to set Nom (NTSC or PAL), Mode and Aspect Ratio as your requirement. You can choose the proper options from the drop down menu. In the "DVD menu" option, you can select the proper option as you like.

You can also add background music, logo and banner out there.

Step three: Start converting PPT to DVD

Make sure that you have set all the settings in a proper manner. Then, click on "Start" in "Burn" tab to start the burning PowerPoint to DVD. You can check the progress of the process in the progression bar. It shouldn't take much of your time.

This PowerPoint DVD Burner software has many more lucrative options for you. In case, you are finding any kind of trouble with a specific option, you can also check out their HELP menu. Just get to it and enjoy.

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