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How to convert PowerPoint to Video

This guide is going to show you how to convert your PowerPoint to video file so you can play your presentation on any media device or share it on web.

PowerPoint to Video

Capture your presentation in video

These are various ways by which you can save your PPT presentation to video file like MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI file formats. This is important when you wants to share the presentations on websites such as YouTube. As only videos gets uploaded on many website. Also, PPT formats are not very popular and they are not supported in websites and it can be a problem for someone to open PowerPoint presentation file if he does not have Microsoft Office installed on his/her computer.

Ways to convert the presentation in video

There are two ways of converting presentation in video format. The first method is by using the Camtasia Studio and the other one is by using PowerPoint to video converter. You can use any of the two available methods for conversion but converting PowerPoint presentations using PowerPoint to video converter is highly recommended by most of the users as it is very easy and involves very few basic steps for conversion.

Using Camtasia for conversion

There are few steps that one needs to follow to make a video of PPT presentation using Camtasia. You can download this powerful tool from internet, which enables capturing of activities of desktop. Install this amazing software and what you will get is a small tab in Add-in's. One can record the presentation while it is running on your system and store it in video format. This method is a bit complicated and expensive.

Using PowerPoint to video converter for conversion

You can use this incredible software for conversion your PPT presentations. This is the best and easiest way of converting presentations into video format. The conversion process only requires few clicks. All you need to do is to open the program on computer and import the PPT files to it. Then you are required to choose a desired video format and after that, start the conversion process by clicking "Start" button. Your presentations get saved automatically into video files that are ready for sharing and distribution. The quality of the video is very high and it remains all the features of the original presentation.

Download Download PPT to Video converter here

PPT to video Converter

Just following "Getting started" step by step guide, you can easily convert your PowerPoint to video file with few clicks. If you are new to computer, here are detailed steps show you how to convert PPT to video:

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