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How to Watch PowerPoint on TV

Ever thought of viewing PowerPoint presentation on TV? Well, no one would have thought that one day they would be using TV's for presentations instead of projectors and monitors. But as we know there is an immense use of PowerPoint in various fields and its popularity has increased so much that, children aged as low as 5 years know what PowerPoint is. One can use PowerPoint to give information about products and services and to make company profiles. Yes, now you can view your PowerPoint presentations on your TV, all you need to do is to create a DVD of your presentation and then one can use the DVD for viewing the PowerPoint presentations.


Benefits of creating a DVD of your presentation

There are lots of benefits of creating a DVD of PowerPoint presentation as it very easily distributed, hence one can distribute the company profile to their existing and potential customers. One can use the DVD to view the presentation on TV anywhere such as foyers, lobbies and in waiting rooms. These presentations also can be demonstrated in restaurants, ice-cream parlors, bookstores and even in night clubs. One can use these DVD anywhere, wherever there is a TV. DVD's doesn't take much space and you need not carry a laptop with you if you want to give a presentation. All you need is a TV and DVD, so lot of personal freedom is gained by using DVD presentations.

How to use a DVD player and a normal TV for viewing presentations

In order to do that, you are first required to store the presentation on a DVD, while using the PowerPoint Converter to DVD or a video file which retains the features of original PowerPoint presentation such as hyperlinks, videos, sound, transitions and even animations. There are lots of satisfied customers who recommend Leawo PPT2DVD for burning process of presentations to DVD. This DVD can also be watched on other media devices other than the TV.

Download Download PowerPoint to DVD converter here

PPT to DVD Converter

View presentation on Apple TV

One can also watch presentation on Apple TV, by converting the PPT format to video formats like MP4, which are accepted by sync as well as iTunes. There are lots of software's that can be used for converting PowerPoint presentations to viewable formats on TV and other such media devices.

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