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How to convert PPT to MPEG-2

This guide will show you how to convert your PPT to MPEG-2 video format so you can play your presentation as a video file on any computer without Microsoft Office pre-installed, or you can even burn MPEG-2 video to DVD directly for playing on a DVD player.


There are two types of MPEG files, first one being simple MPEG and the other newer version is called as the MPEG-2. MPEG stands for Moving Picture Expert Group. These are the formats that are widely used in TV broadcasting and in digital TV networks. Most of the satellite television services such as dish TV, SVDC use this format. This is one of the best video compression methods which are used by most broadcasting networks.

Converting PowerPoint presentations to MPEG-2 videos

In order to convert PPT presentation in MPEG-2 video format, you need to download the PPT to Video converter.

Download Download PPT to Video converter here

PPT to video Converter

Step 1: Import PPT files

Install this software and import all the Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in it by clicking "Add" button. You can import up to 12 PPT files for simultaneous conversion.

Step 2: Output settings

After you have done that, select the MPEG-2 format from "Settings" option for conversion and set all the required properties.Set the destination path from "Output" bar for the MPEG-2 files which PPT to Video converter makes.

Step 3: Start PPT to MEPG-2 converting

Now, click the "Start" button to begin the PPT to MEPG-2 conversion process. Once the conversion is done, click "Open" button to view all converted files.

This amazing software does not only convert PPT presentations to MPEG2 format but it can also convert your presentation in various formats such as FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG1, 3GP, PSP video, Zune video, iPhone video and iPod video. This software also converts the presentations in formats that can be played in a normal DVD player. This makes the presentation viewable on TV.

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