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How to convert PowerPoint to WMV

This guide will show you how to convert PPT to WMV video so that you can play your PPT on your any computer without PowerPoint tool pre-installed and other portable player like Windows Phone.


You will find lots of benefits for converting your PowerPoint .PPTX and .PPSX file formats to WMV video format. For example, we can use these converted presentation video file for viewing on media players that supports WMV formats such as VLC player, KMPlayer, MPlayer, RealPlayer, or Windows media player. Thus one can run his/her presentations on computer which does not have Microsoft Office installed on them. Also these players are available on portable device such as Pocket PC, Zune and Blackberry. Furthermore, you can watch these converted presentations on all Windows smart phones.

Make video presentation by using Windows Movie Maker

As we know that Windows Movie Maker is used for creating slideshows of videos. What most of us don't know is that we can use the Windows Movie Maker tool for converting the PowerPoint presentation in WMV format. It's easy to do. All we need is that save your PowerPoint presentation in PNG or JPG format and after that one can import the file in Windows Movie Maker and again save it using the WMV format. But this process is not very useful as all the transitions, animations videos and a sound gets lost in the process.

Converting PPTX and PPSX formats to WMV directly

This one is much easier way than above one. We can use a PPT to video program to convert your PowerPoint presentation.PPTX and .PPSX formats to WMV, as only few clicks can finish the whole process. All transitions, animations, videos, and, all original formatting of the presentation remain intact after the conversion. Also you can convert the presentation in various other video formats including HD videos, MOV, MPEG and AVI by using this incredible software. The conversion process is less time taking and involves least amount of steps possible.

You can download this software from the below link. Install it on your Laptop or computer .
Download Download PPT to Video converter here

PPT to video Converter

Step 1: Import PPT files

Click on "Add" Button to import the presentation files that you want to convert. Or you can simply drag and drop file into he user interface of the program to import file.

Step 2: Choose an output format

Choose an output video format from the "Profile" drop down list.(In your case, it should be WMV).

Step 3: Output settings

You should also select the "Output" folder for saving the converted video file. Click on the "Settings" button and select the desired audio and video parameters from there. Click on OK to close the window.

Step 4: Start converting PPT to WMV

Once you have finished all settings, click on the "Start" at the bottom right hand corner and start the PowerPoint files to WMV conversion.


Easy to share and easy to convert

Converting PPTX and PPSX formats to WMV this easy to use software program is the easiest method. After converting the presentations to video, it is easy to share on web and everyone can watch them even if he does not have a computer or the Microsoft Office is not available on computer.

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