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How to convert iTunes music to mp3 for free

This is the tutorial show you howl to remove DRM from iTunes music and video to generate DRM-free media files so that you can play it on your non-Apple players or burn to DVD.

remove DRM from iTunes music
There will be a good possibility when you purchase songs via the Apple iTunes Store that the music that you get will likely be copy protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM technique. It's really a good technique that shields the rights of the musician and publisher by causing it hard for the customer to share copyrighted file. But, DRM will also be quite limited by blocking you enjoying legally bought music with your MP3 players. Therefore, if you would like enjoy your own iTunes music on a non-Apple players, you will receive an error info to indicate you can not play the music.

All you'll need is the iTunes software program, plus a blank CD (if possible a rewritable (CD-RW)). The problem taking this approach is when there are massive amount songs you'll want to convert, then it resulted on time consuming and boring practice. As well, you just get reprocessed music that is certainly been converted with data compression, that will definitely affect the quality of sound. Considering this, try a legal DRM converter software when you have a great number of files you'll want to convert (We will talk about it on the part 2).

Before we start, check for any updates available for your iTunes, or just get the newest version via the iTunes official site directly.s

Part 1: Remove DRM from iTunes music for free

Apple will not allow you to convert DRM music to MP3, however, it allows you to copy on a CD/DVD, and so that could be a method of getting the songs out of the DRM system.

1. Put a blank CD/DVD inside the drive and start iTunes on your PC or laptop. Choose the File->New Playlist option (or use Ctrl+N). Write a name for the new playlist.

2. The next thing is to choose each of the songs you want to get rid of DRM from and drag these to the playlist which you just made.

3. Now that you've got all the songs you choose on the CD/DVD, right-click the playlist and choose the option to "Burn playlist to Disc".

4. iTunes will now pop up a dialogue window for you to choose the type of CD/DVD you want to burn. You need to choose the Audio CD option.

5. iTunes should now begin burning the songs to the CD and it will notify you knows when it's done.

Importing music from a CD/DVD

6. Now, choose the Edit->Preferences option and under the General tab, press on Import Settings.

7. Choose the MP3 Encoder from the drop down list and you're all set to import the song on the Audio CD you wrote as MP3 files.

Take away the CD from the drive, and put it back again. iTunes will prompt you to import the songs from the CD to its own database. Give it time to do so and at the end of the import process, you'll have new MP3 songs without DRM.

After that, all the files that have been imported into your music library will be free from DRM; you will be able to copy them to MP3 players.

Part 2: Easy way to convert iTunes music to MP3

It allows you to remove DRM protection from iTunes music and videos like M4V, M4P, WMV with only 3 simple steps and the output quality is great as the original one. And this software can convert your media files between file formats.

Download Download Aimersoft DRM Converter here

Tips: If you are a Mac user , you can use AllMyMusic for Mac.

drm converter

1. Import DRM protected videos/songs to the program by clicking "Add..." or simply drag and drop file into it
2. Select mp3 for music or mp4 for video as output format
3. Press "Start" to begin removing DRM from iTunes music or videos

That it, Hope you can get some helps from this guide. Enjoy your DRM free music.

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