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How to remove DRM from Nokia music store

This guide will talk about how to remove Nokia DRM so that you can enjoy Nokia music with iPod or other mp3 players freely.

remove Nokia DRM

Nokia DRM Music

Apple's iTunes continues to move forward in route of DRM free for its online music and videos. The Nokia Music Store (know as OVI), another copy of iTunes' enterprize model. Here is several fact about Nokia DRM music.

1. All the music downloaded from Nokia Music Store is DRM-protected WMA files.

They let you to use a protected songs and copy it to a music player that registered "Comes With Music" with an unrestricted number of times. But, to burn songs to a CD or to copy music to an unregistered media player, you need to purchase the songs from Nokia Music Store.

2. The usage of Nokia songs is as well limited as what is the Nokia Music Store approved:

The file format of Nokia Music is Windows Media Audio (WMA) with a bit rate of 128kb/s or 192kb/s. Those songs are protected by Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM).

Once you download songs form OVI, you will obtain a license code to play the song as many times as you want and burn or transfer the song with the several times.

3. "Comes with Music" is in fact "Comes with DRM"

The "Comes With Music Service" is only Nokia's another promotion tricks to earn more market share. The songs bought from Comes with Music can not be used in other products or burn to CD with no licence.

How to remove DRM from Nokia Music Store

Aimersoft DRM Converter is the number one solution to remove Nokia DRM protection. Additionally, it may remove DRM from Apple iTunes, Zune MarketPlace, Rhapsody, iMesh, BBC iPlayer and convert them to open MP3 format.

Nokia DRM removal

Step one: Download Nokia DRM removal

Download Download Nokia DRM removal here

(Note: If you are a Mac user, please Download AllMyMusic for Mac. )

Install and launch it, just keeping the default settings, it will work well for you.

Step two: Output setting

you can drag and drop the DRM protected files to the interface of this program, or click "Add..." button to load the songs. Then click "Audio files to" to select output format. For advanced user you could go to "setting" to modify output parameters such bit rate (192 Kbps WMA is recommended). If you are not sure what you are doing then leave those as the default.

Step three: Start to remove DRM

Click "start" button, it will begin to remove Nokia DRM. When the conversion is finished,you can share or transfer Nokia songs freely!

Note: If you want to remove video DRM, this DRM Converter will work for you as well.

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