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How to remove DRM from Rhapsody music

Music from Rhapsody are DRM protected, it means that you can't use your own music freely, such as you can't play Rhapsody music on iPod. This guide will show you how to make DRM free music with Rhapsody DRM removal.

Rhapsody DRM removal

Rhapsody was the earliest music service to offer streaming on-demand access to digital music. Downloaded files come along with limitations how they can be used. It stops users from enjoying music with other music players such as Apple iPod, Sony Walkman, Microsoft Zune. Moreover, If you no longer make music subscription, all your music from Rhapsody will be expired, you can't play it anymore.

However, it's very normal to enjoy your own videos and music with your portable music player. So, is it possible to remove protected Rhapsody WMA to MP3 files and copy them to my iPod? The answer will be "Yes". The Rhapsody DRM converter software allows you to get rid of DRM protection from Rhapsody music and convert to an open mp3 format so that you can use it with any music player.

How to remove DRM from Rhapsody music for free

All you'll need is the CD burner program and blank CDs (rewritable CD-RW will be better). First, insert a CD-R or CD-RW disc into your drive, and burn your playlist onto the CD. Then have the other media player import the songs off the CD and save them . When the music is imported off the CD, they are no longer DRM protected.

The problem using this method is when you got tons of songs that you need to convert, then it lead on time consuming and boring process. Also, you will get songs that is previously been converted with data compression, which will actually hurt the quality of music.

Remove Rhapsody DRM with DRM removal software

Using this DRM removal software program to get rid of DRM protection from Rhapsody is much simpler and faster. It can remove DRM from Rhapsody, Amazon Unbox, iTunes and other DRM music and videos with only 3 steps:

Download Download DRM removal heres

(Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac.)

DRM Converter

Step 1: Import DRM protected files

Add Rhapsody or other DRM protected files. You may either press "Add..." button to import files or drag and drop the DRM files into the software interface.

Tips: This software works with batch conversion, and it's also possible to add multiple files at the same time.

Step 2: Output settings

Select the format as .mp3 (recommended) or other format you prefer. It's also possible to modify the output folder though "Find Target ", or the output files will be saved default folder.

Step 3: DRM conversion

Press "Start", and the DRM converting process will be begin immediately. After the conversion, the files are DRM free now. You can view your converted files by pressing the "Find Target..." button.

Tips: This Rhapsody DRM removal is a great Video Converter too. It allows you to convert all common video and audio formats. You can convert video and audio to the format for your media devices such as Smartphone, Tablet and iPod.

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