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How to save Spotify songs

This guide will show you the way of recording Spotify to save Spotify music as mp3 files, so that you can enjoy Spotify songs on your iPod and other mp3 players.

save Spotify songs

Spotify is definitely the hottest new streaming music service which is getting the world by storm. At this time Spotify is just accessible in several nations throughout Europe and will soon launch in United states. Spotify lets people to browse and enjoy their most favorite songs, when you love the track you can buy it.

Right now I stumbled upon a program known as Spotify ripper. It can record music while Spotify is playing and then automatically download Spotify music in mp3 format. With this recording Spotify software, streaming music could be saved with only a few clicks of your mouse.

With a large development, Spotify should learn to accept such programs. Simply take a good example of YouTube, it doesn't permit video downloads but there are plenty of third-party programs for this reason. Note that when recording streaming music for personal use is legal, sharing unauthorized music and videos will be breaking the law.

If you search on Google you will find out lot of software program can Record Spotify music and save Spotify songs, but this is the best one so far. Check the video guide as below

Download Spotify Ripper Download


Note: For Mac users, you can Download Streaming Audio recorder for Mac


Now just wait for the track to finish and the recording will end at the same time. You just saved Spotify songs into mp3! ENJOY!

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