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How to rip Spotify music with Replay program

Spotify provides a new way for music fans to get access to thousands and thousands of music and songs. It's a great music application that you can enjoy music online, but how to save Spotify to MP3 files on your computer so that you can play it offline?

Well, this article will show you a simple way to get songs from Spotify with a Spotify ripper program. If have searched with Google, you probably have got several methods to do it, some are straightforward and the others need extra pc skill-sets. I have tried them but I find out this way is the simplest just follow the step by step guide as below

How to record Spotify songs with Replay Songs software

Streaming recorder is the best Spotify ripper tool. The program can also work with other online music services like: Yahoo music, Rhapsody, AccuRadio, iTunes and others.

1. Download and install it. As soon as installed start the software from your desktop.

Download Get Streaming recorder here (If you are a Mac user you can get Spotify ripper mac version called AllMyMusic you can download it here.

Legal or not?

As far as I understand, Recording songs from Spotify is legal. You may ask why I said so, I have find out the best way to get from spotify is with Replay Music software. It's easy to use and output really great quality mp3 files from spotify playlists. One more remarkable feature is that it can automatic naming and sorting of music files. This software doesn't break anything of Spotify, it just recorder the songs from your computer's sound card. So it likes the way we recorder online radio, totally legally.

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