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How to convert iTunes music to MP3

"I've bought lots of music from iTunes and enjoying them in my PC. But my MP3 player is not an Apple product, therefore i can't play it on with my mp3 player. Is there any way that I can remove this unfair restriction and convert my iTunes songs to an open MP3 format" This guide will show you show to convert iTunes music files to common mp3 format so that you can play iTunes music on any mp3 player.

The music purchased from Apple's Music Store (iTunes) and is also protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). It means you can only works with iPod or other Apple products. This seem unfair that you bought these tracks and you simply cannot play those music outside of the iTunes environment, on devices that not supported by Apple, or on systems not based on iTunes. If you want to enjoy it on other music player like Zune then you need to convert it to an open mp3 format.

convert iTunes music to MP3

MP3 is the common for digital audio. An MP3 music track could be played on just about any player, whether it is portable or PC-based. It is possible to burn MP3 music to a CD and they will play perfectly on any kind of latest CD player. There are two main approaches to convert iTunes music to MP3. One is for advanced computer user, the other one is using an excellent program for beginner, and that is incredibly easy.

Remove DRM from iTunes music by burning CD

We will use iTunes and CD to convert M4p music to mp3. Launch your iTunes, go to Edit / Preferences / General and click the Import Settings button. In older versions of iTunes, click on Edit / Preferences / Importing (or Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Importing). Your goal is to change the Import Using from the default setting to "MP3 Encoder".

for removing DRM protection, burn the songs to a CD, then you could start the CD in iTunes and the Convert Selection to MP3 will do just what you need. You should be careful that you'll be getting 2 copies of that track in iTunes -- one in the original AAC format and one in MP3 format. You may remove the AAC version if you want. (Tips: you need to burn an audio CD, not a data CD. Look at the setting in Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Burning for those who have an issue importing tracks from the CD.)

If you wan to do that without having an actual burner or you have many songs, you might use a burner program, Note Burner.

Easy way to remove DRM from iTunes

Comparing the earlier method, this one will be more easier, you could finish the work with just several clicks. Just follow this step by step guide to learn how to use this program.

Download Download DRM removal here


Tips: For Mac users, you can use AllMyMusic for Mac to convert iTunes music.

DRM converter

Step 1: Import iTunes music files

Click "Add..." to load music files from your computer, or simply drag and drop protected iTunes files to the program.

Tips: Batch files conversion is supported.

Step 2: Output settings

In next step, Click the "Audio files to" button, choose MP3 format (*.mp3).

Step 3: convert iTunes music

Go to the "Start" button to start converting iTunes music to MP3. After successful converting M4P to MP3, click the "Find Target" button the output folder will open and all converted music you can find here. Now, enjoy playing those mp3 music with no limitation.

Tips: This DRM convert can also remove DRM from iTunes videos.

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