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How to convert iTunes to Xoom

This guide will show you how to transfer iTunes to Xoom so you can enjoy iTunes music and videos on your Motorola Xoom.

iTunes to Xoom

Motorola Xoom is the latest and most advanced android tablet with 3.0 Honeycomb OS. Motorola has worked a great deal on it to take its media feature to a next level. With High definition, fully automated touch screen, Motorola Xoom certainly surpasses its competitors. But, if you are planning to play iTunes in Motorola Xoom, then you can’t because of the DRM protection. But, now with the advent of the Aimersoft DRM media converter, this problem has been solved. You can now easily sync iTunes to Motorola Xoom through this software. We have here discussed the exact procedure of syncing iTunes to Android:

How to remove DRM protection from iTunes files

The first step will be to download and install the Aimersoft DRM Converter software. It is free and compatible enough for your system.

Download Download DRM Converter here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and download AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.

1. Import iTunes DRM protected files

Now, you need to add the files (both audio and video) to the software. Just click on the "Add..." button and upload your iTunes media files. You can also do so by directly dragging the files to the software.

DRM converter

2. Output Settings

Now, you need to set the output settings. Choose the MP3 file format (if you are working on audio file) from "Audio Files To" option, and choose the mp4 file format for video conversion from "Video Files To" option. after that, select an output path where you wish to store the converted media files. Just click on the "Browse" button and select the desired location.

Check that you have selected the desired output format for audio and video files. If you need to convert iTunes video for Xoom you Click "Setting..." and set video size as 1280 x 800 pixels. This will make sure that the converted iTunes will be compatible for the Motorola Xoom's screen.


3. Start convert iTunes to Xoom

Just click on the "Start" button. A bar will appear where you can see the progress of the DRM removal. Once it is finished, click "Find target" button to view the converted files. You can now import your DRM free iTunes to Xoom and enjoy it in High definition screen. ( If you are new to Android OS, please read iTunes to Android sync guide)

The Aimersoft DRM software offers you lots of additional features apart from the common one. The best option is of the "DRM finder". It find out all the DRM protected files automatically. These files can then be converted to Xoom supported file formats.

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