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How to convert iTunes M4B to MP3

The M4B file format is commonly used by audiobooks files that bought from the Apple iTunes store. Those files are protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM (Digital Rights Management). The maximun five authrized laptops or computers restriction will make you can not use your own audiobooks later on if you forgot to deauthorize computers; you will not use audiobook unless you install AudibleAir/ AudibleManager, or you have to sign in Audible account every time you are using it. Therefore, it limits the users from doing reasonable things with their own audiobooks. For example, If we would like to enjoy M4B audiobook on some other MP3 players, you simple can not play it. So, you need to convert M4B format to MP3 and this guide will show you how to remove DRM from M4B audiobook files and convert to open MP3 file format so that you can use your audiobooks freely.

M4B to MP3

iTunes actually does allows you to convert imported audio files to mp3. Here is how, in he user interface of iTunes, right click on the audiobook file, there's an option "Create XXX Version" (XXX means MP3 or any other file formats that you set in Edit > Preference > Import Settings), however, it just works with unprotected files . If you want to convert DRM protected audiobooks that purchased from iTunes Store or Audible.com, iTunes will tell you that "Protected files cannot be converted to other formats".

Although iTunes are not able to convert DRM protected audiobooks directly. Lots of users find out how to burn protected audiobooks to CD and then use iTunes to rip it later. But, this process need a lot of time if you have thousand of files, and it also harms the sound quality after twice conversion. So is there a better way to do that?

In this guide I will use a DRM converter software program to remove DRM protection and convert file format. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is easy to use, and It can fast remove the DRM and convert iTunes M4B audiobooks to MP3. Following guide will show you how to convert iTunes M4B files to MP3 with 3 simple steps :

Download Download DRM Converter here


Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyMusic for Mac.

Step 1: Import iTunes M4B files

To load iTunes M4B files just clicking the "Add..." button, or directly drag and drop files into the interface.

DRM converter

Step 2: Output settings

Choose "MP3" as output format from "Audio files to" option. You could also specify output folder by clicking "Browse" button.

Step3. Start converting iTunes M4B to MP3

Now, Click on the "Start" button to begen converting M4B to MP3 file format.

When the conversion is finished, click "Find Target" button to view converted files. Now you can play your audiobooks on any MP3 player (Sony walkman), smart phone (HTC Desire) and portable players (Motorola Xoom) with no limitation.

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