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How to remove DRM from WMV

DRM means the encryption of a file using Digital Rights Management so that this file cannot be used on any other player except the service provider’s one. Different service provider companies produce their own video files and provide them in an encrypted version with their own products. These files cannot be transferred or used without their license. For example, there are files which Microsoft in WMV or Windows Media Video format. However, an alternative way has been introduced in order to make those files free from encryption and use it on other players. One can use DRM Converter software in order to remove DRM from WMV files.

remove DRM from WMV

This DRM converter is a tool that helps a user to convert WMV files without breaking the code of encryption. In this way, he or she can enjoy a video which retains its original quality even after the conversion. It has the ability to remove DRM from WMV files legally and convert them into any format that the user chooses.

DRM converter

At first, you have to download the DRM Converter.

Download Download DRM removal here

Note: If you are a Mac user, please download AllMyTube for Mac.

Secondly, you need to install it on your computer. Once the software is installed on your computer, you should run the tool.

Next, you are required to drag and drop the DRM protected WMV files into the "Getting Started" table or click on the "Add..." button in order to load the DRM protected files. Moreover, you can add more than one video files at a time as the software allows this option for a user. Now you have to change the setting of the tool according to your wish. The file format you expect as output is needed to be selected here. It would be wise to select mp4 file format for a video file and mp3 format for an audio file.

After that, you should browse to preset a folder in order that the output files can be automatically saved there after the encryption.

Finally, you have to press the "Start" key and the software will remove DRM from WMV files.

When the software completes converting the WMV files, you will have all the files suitable for playing on any kind of music player. You can even play these files now on handy players such as Sony Walkman, iPod, Zune, and so on. The software is really a useful one as it can remove DRM from WMV files and makes people free from restriction. If you don’t have one on your computer, you can easily download it from the internet and use it for making your favorite music available for you.

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