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How to convert DVD to Zune HD

This guide will show you how to convert DVD to Zune HD supported video format so you can play converted HD videos on your Zune HD no matter where you are.

DVD to Zune HD
The major purpose of the Zune HD converter is to convert DVD movies so that you can play them on your Zune HD. The conversion of the movies to Zune HD becomes beneficial at times when you desire to view your DVD movie a full screen. Most if not all DVD movies available have black bars both at the top and at the bottom side of the movie, this software will remove it for you.

For DVD to video conversion, the DVD ripper software provides the perfect conversion tool for both common DVD and commercial DVD. It is also has desirable other features like merging several DVD chapter into a single video clip, cropping functions that will help crop the black bars, and a lot of other additional editing features that you could explore by yourself.

Video and audio formats that are supported by the Zune HD

There are formats that Zune HD supports therefore we should find out what file formats that can be played on Zune HD before we start DVD conversion.

Audio formats compatible to Zune HD include; MP3, M4A, WMA lossless and AAC just to mention a few. As for the video compatible formats, they are: DVR-MS, WMV and MPEG-4 among others.

Download Download DVD to Zune HD converter here

Note: For Mac users, please Download DVD Ripper for Mac.

DVD ripper software

Converting DVD to Zune HD and eliminating the black bars

1. Importing the DVD movies

To import the DVD to the program you need to insert the DVD to your disc drive the click on the "Load DVD" button to import the movie. You can also import DVD folder that saved on your computer.

2. Eliminating the black bars

Click on the "Edit" button and then use "Crop" feature to get rid of the black bars. You can also do it manually by specifying the frame size you wish to scale it to.

3. Select a destination folder and output format

Set your output format from the drop down list of the "Profile", select PMP > Zune MPGE-4/ Zune WMV . Go to "Setting" option modify output parameters like the bit rate, video Size, Aspect ratio. If you don't understand what those parameters for, you should keep it as the default value.

4. Beginning the conversion process

After setting all the relevant settings above, all you have to do is to click on the "Start" button to begin the DVD to Zune HD conversion process. Features like previewing the movie are provided to allow you to make last minute adjustments.

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